More than half of couples in India are not satisfied with their sex lives as the sexual problems are not letting them continue the physical relationships longer. Sexual issues can affect both males and females. We are here going to discuss the common sexual problems in males in this particular blog which take a heavy toll on the psychological health of a man and also cause cardiovascular health. 

Let’s understand those specific sexual problems in males and also explore the ways to increase sex power in men:

1. Erectile Dysfunction

A weak erection does not let the blood flow to the penis and thereby stops from hardening of the penis.  It makes the male lose his self-confidence and self-worth. And so he undergoes feelings of isolation and loneliness as his spouse becomes unsatisfied in the intercourse session.

Researchers have informed that the regular dosage of Ashwagandha will aid in controlling stress, strengthen sexual ability, and increase fertility in men. It happens to increase testosterone and stimulate sperm potency.

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2. Premature Ejaculation

After one minute of insertion and early semen discharge, any guy experiences this issue. When a couple ejaculates too soon, they are let down and cannot enjoy their sexual experience for as long. Early Premature ejaculation evokes a sense of failure in the mind of a man. He might experience psychological setbacks in his life in the form of anxiety and stress and that might deprive him of going for intercourse sessions with his partner.

It can increase the chances of low sperm count and impotence if the negativity permanently sets in the mind.  A well-known aphrodisiac, Safed Musli can treat male sexual and reproductive issues. Additionally, give up worrying or experiencing anxiety. More or less, 1 to 2 spoons of Safed Musli powder will meet the requirements of sexual potency any male would be looking for during the intercourse session.

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3. Male Orgasmic Disorder

It is the inability to reach the climax on time during the intercourse session and that is known to be a male orgasmic disorder. It is also the condition when you are unable to elongate the sexual contact with your partner and so you are not able to experience orgasm. You can take 1 to 2 pinches of Nutmeg or Jayphal powder with honey to extend the sex time and enjoy orgasm with your partner.

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4. Inactive Libido

Low or inactive libido may vary from one man to another and that may be because of different health conditions, mental unwellness, alcoholism and overuse of drugs. In some cases, low libido may be temporary or continue to upset the sex lives of men for a longer time. According to Ayurveda, it is the action of Vata dosha elevation in the body that fades sexual desire, excitement or enhanced libido in any person, male or female. You can take ¼ to ½ powder of Kaunch seeds with lukewarm milk to improve the quality of your semen and increase stamina and stimulate sexual interest naturally.

5. Prolonged Erection

Abnormal buildup of blood in the penis tends to increase the erection time of the penis. It is a condition that takes place without sexual stimulation and needs immediate attention. One can take a Shilajit health tonic to calm down the penile nerves and help gain a natural erection for sexual intercourse.

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6. Sexually Transmitted Infections

Many males get STDs as a result of using drugs excessively, having several sexual partners, not washing their hands afterward, and engaging in unprotected intercourse. Anxiety, pain, and tiredness are often more severe in men with STDs such as HIV, gonorrhea, syphilis, and chlamydia. Many natural remedies are available in Ayurveda to treat illnesses.  Such solutions are Nibadi Churna, Rasnadi Kvath Churna, and Nyagrodhadhi Kvath Churna. Such remedies are recommended by the Ayurvedic doctor. Some might even suggest Somaraji oil and Tamra bhasma for topical application. Capsules, Avleh, Powder and Oil of Kaama Gold are highly effective in cleansing the blood vessels from toxins and improving the power and potency of any male.

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7. Dry Orgasm

Semen not getting discharged from the penis during the orgasm is what is known as dry orgasm. Semen is found to be retarding back to the bladder. One can consume Gokshura powder to gain firmer erections and balance hormones. It is capable of enhancing sperm count and motility and therefore would be effective in altering the problem of dry orgasm or retrograde ejaculation.

8. Testosterone Deficiency

A disorder known as hypogonadism, or testosterone shortage, affects libido, energy, and muscle mass because the body does not make enough testosterone. Although further studies are required to verify its effectiveness, Mulondo, also known as Mondia Whitei, is thought to naturally raise testosterone levels, increase sexual function, and improve general vitality.

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9. Peyronie’s Disease

It is the fibrous scar tissue growing inside the inner layers of the penile skin which curves and decreases the size of the penis. Plague building inside the penis tends to bend the penis and impairs the abilty of man to perform intercourse for a longer time. Either, you can take Gotu Kola or Brahmi herb for recovery. Otherwise, you can also lay trust in Liv Muztang capsules which is an ayurvedic blend of different organic aphrodisiac herbs like Laung, Sudh Akarkara, and African Mulondo. There have not been any complaints of side effects after being used by more than 1000 males.

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10. Delayed Ejaculation

Another sexual incompetence faced by men is when they take an extended time to ejaculate irrespective of getting enough stimulation. Certain psychological factors tend to cause the problem and that may be depression, anxiety and various medical conditions. Delayed ejaculation may dampen the intercourse pleasure and disrupt the relationship between the husband and wife. A combination of ginger and honey might help in improving potency and normalizing the sexual ejaculation time.


Nearly half a million couples in India are leading dissatisfied and unsuccessful sex lives. There are certain setbacks faced by males that they are hesitant to disclose and suffer from depression and anxiety. Some of the males face difficulty in keeping an erection for a longer time, suffer early ejaculation, low testosterone, and curved penis. Ayurvedic remedies have come up with effective results, enabling to fulfill sexual desires at the utmost level and lead a satisfying conjugal life.