Tired of the feeling that you can’t keep up with your performance in bed? There might be several reasons why you can’t enjoy intimate moments for as long as you or her may want. In this blog, let’s look at some of the ways to help you increase sex time and last longer in bed.

How to Increase Sex Time and Last longer in bed Naturally

These techniques and home remedies to improve sex power, endurance and intimacy in bed are natural and easy to inculcate and implement without any consultations or medical interventions. Read on to know more…

1. Eat Healthy Foods

It becomes necessary to be selective about the food items that can help increase sex time naturally.

1.1 Dark Chocolate

Even though caffeine is classified as a medication, it can enhance a man’s athletic ability. Caffeine and other bioactive ingredients found in dark chocolate help any man feel more powerful and productive in bed. It will reduce oxidative stress and raise dopamine levels in the brain, which will increase libido, or craving for sexual pleasure.

1.2 Oysters

Omega-3 fatty acids increase the stamina of a male and therefore, improve the semen quality. Eating oysters in appropriate amounts will improve your ability to gain pleasure in bed. It will make the penis firm and increase the erection time.

1.3 Spinach

A rich source of magnesium, spinach is known to help men enhance the size and girth of penis for deeper penetration and extended pleasure time. The folate contained in spinach are proven booster of blood flow. Lower levels of folate has been linked to erectile dysfunction. Thus consuming this power food can help increase the blood flow to your penis when you are reach the arousal state. According to some studies, making spinach part of your daily diet may also increase your sperm quality and count.

1.4 Nut & Seeds

A man requires an abundance of sex-stimulating nutrients and healthy fats that can enable him to gain an appropriate size of penis for deeper penetration and extended pleasure time. It can be made possible by eating almonds, walnuts, chia seeds, and pumpkin seeds.

1.5 Strawberry

Sweet and juicy strawberries are highly powerful in stimulating faster flow  of blood through the blood vessels  in the genitals of the males and stimulate erections.

1.6 Bananas

Ripe bananas are one such food that works well to boost mood and increase endurance and athletic performance. Potassium, vitamin, and iron richness will help eliminate oxidative stress and improve erections for a longer duration.

1.7 Salmon

As you would require a lot of stamina, a firmer penis with a longer erection, and an improvement in the quality of your sperm count, you must have salmon or any type of fish enriched with omega-3 fatty acids. 

1.8 Beets

Increasing your intake of beetroot will help to cause deeper penetration over time, which will give you pleasure over time. Drinking beetroot juice will also cleanse the arteries in the penile area and enable the immediate flow of blood.

2. Try Natural herbs

You can experiment with some of the following herbs to see if your body can absorb enough flavonoids and nutrients that enhance sex:

2.1 Ashwagandha

Both men and women can revive their sexual health, boost immunity, stamina and improve fertility with the help of Ashwagandha. A daily dosage of 250–500 mg of ashwagandha has helped many people recover from stress and blood sugar and has made them sexually capable for a long time.

2.2 Shilajit

Very little research has been done on the qualities of shilajit for reversing the problems of early ejaculation and low sperm count. However, since ancient times, men have included this Himalayan aphrodisiac in their regular diet to increase the size of their manhood and their capacity for performance.

Try pure shilajit gummies for overall health.

2.3 African Mulondo 

African Mulondo can be used to increase libido and prolong the climax in bed. The researchers have done extensive research to determine how it increases a man’s potency. 

Tribal men in Uganda had previously used it to increase performance time and develop manhood sizes. You can discover the efficacy yourself by using Liv Muztang capsules, whose principal ingredient is African Mulondo. More than 250,000 satisfied customers have benefited from using this ayurvedic formulation to increase size and girth and boost sex power in men.

2.4 Ginkgo Biloba

It is used to eliminate the problems of anxiety and depression from the minds of people. One can use it to reduce sexual impotence and enhance performance time. It can reduce toxin levels and stimulate powerful erections in men.

2.5 Gokshura

Gokshura is known in ayurveda as one of the powerful herbs for reducing stress and triggering cognitive abilities. It can also be the best choice for men who would like to give a boost to their performance and heighten their testosterone. Daily use of Gokshura at 250 mg will trigger manhood size and stamina.

2.6 Safed Musli

In ayurveda, Safed Musli has been classified as a ‘rasayana’ and is used as tonic. It is also renowned for its aphrodisiac properties and has an established and growing Indian and international market as a herbal alternative of ‘Viagra.’

Safed Musli when taken with other herbs with aphrodisiac properties and specific form of dosage is known to boost sexual urges, increase sperm count and motility, lack of libido, quick discharge and enhances endurance and intimacy to help increase sex time and last longer in bed naturally.

2.7 Maca

Maca is one of the very famous home remedies to boost sex drive and libido. It will improve the flow of blood in the penis causing it to erect faster and enable the man to form deeper penetrations and a longer time in bed.

2.8 Shatavari

Apart from providing an aphrodisiac herb for women, Shatavari also reverses sexual impotency and enhances the flow of blood into the penis for firmer erections.

Though these herbs are highly effective in reversing impotence. But make sure that you are seeking the right advice from the doctor for lasting longer in bed. Because every individual’s sexual inability and challenges in bed may vary. Further, you must not consume such herbs mentioned above in excess. Otherwise, there may be chances of health hazards. It is better to be cautious before using them orally.

3. Get Some Physical Activities Daily

Giving yourself time for any physical activity, exercise or yoga for at least 15 minutes to 40 minutes may improve your performance level in bed. 

Researchers have discovered how the following  moderate to vigorous physical activities can make your sex health better and increase performance time:

3.1 Kegel Exercise

Kegel exercise for men can improve their sexual life. You need to hold the pelvic floor muscles for some time and release it. You can try either 2 to 3 times a day between the range of 10 to 20 times.

3.2 Plank

In order to gain strong erections and perform for a long time, one should do plank exercises. By pressing on your hands and knees and facing the floor and moving the body to and fro, you will be able to improve your blood circulation in the abdominal area and strengthen the penile tissues.

3.3 Pushups

Lying down by facing the floor and lifting your hands and knees up will prove effective in altering the problem of weak erection and poor ejaculation. You must keep your upper and lower part of the body in the straight line to improve the blood circulation in the penile area and strengthen erections.

3.4 Frog Stretches

You will be lying in the frog posture by letting your toes out and moving backward and forward. It will help in improving flexibility in your body muscles and boosting intense blood flow in the penile area. That’s how it will boost erection.

3.5. Swimming

Swimming is a pattern aerobic exercise that you need to do in the water. This exercise requires movement of your body from the head to toe. By learning and engaging in different strokes of swimming regularly, you can develop your muscle strength and stamina as well as strengthen your pelvic floor which in turn improves your performance and intimacy and helps you last longer in bed..

3.6 Running

Running exercise is another fastest way to gain control over erectile dysfunction. It will boost uninterrupted flow of blood through the penis and that will enable strong erection for a long time.

3.7 Yoga

There are some simple and complex forms of yoga for improving your sexual health[1]. Some of the best poses to improve your sexual wellness, stamina, libido and increased sex timing are Marjaryasana, Bitilasana, Setu Bandha Sarvangasana, Eka Pada Rajakapotasana, Savasana, Balasana, and Ananda Balasana.

Yoga is not just for enhancement of sexual life; it can improve your overall health and wellbeing in many ways. It can reduce stress and toxicity, increase focus, strength, balance, flexibility and blood flow in the body. It also gives you relief in joint pain and arthritis.

3.8 Meditation

Meditation will help in controlling your negative senses, improve breathing and circulatory system. Meditation will help in relaxing the muscles and enhancing the circulation of blood in the pelvic area and that will result in erection for a long time.

4. Habits that Hurt Your Sex Time

It’s common to encounter difficulties in one’s bedroom life. You may not be aware of it, but certain eating habits and habits may be interfering with your sexual activity.

The key to having a successful sexual life is forming healthy lifestyle, getting rid of addictive things, and restricting your diet to certain foods.

Let’s be mindful of the those following behaviors and foods to avoid for a continuous and enjoyable sexual experience:

4.1 Smoking

Harmful carcinogenic matter spreads through the blood vessels and raises the levels of toxicity in the body. Consistent smoking results in raising such chemical matter in the body and weakens the potency of the man, it is advisable to quit smoking to perform for a long time.

4.2 Alcohol

For any man, it diminishes his sexual potency. It weakens blood vessels, preventing blood flow throughout the body. Drinking on a regular basis stops stimulating sexual performance and causes significant nerve damage.

Try Addiction Killer Powder to get rid of alcohol or smoking addiction

4.3 Too Much Salt

Increasing salt consumption may increase blood pressure levels and interrupt the flow of blood severely. And this might not let the person have strength to last longer in bed

4.4 Processed Foods

Strong sexual drive and a firm penis can be enhanced by anything that is beneficial to the heart. Consuming processed meats is detrimental to heart health. Therefore, it does impair sexual function. 

4.5 Cola and Soda

Drinking sugar enriched cola and soda may cause interruptions in the circulatory system. It creates blockage in the arteries and veins by increasing cholesterol levels. And as a result, blood flow in the penis gets delayed. 

4.6 Trans Fat

Trans fats are quite toxic and often happen to harm the metabolism of the body. It increases cholesterol levels and slows down the flow of blood in the penis. Thus, man seems to lose his ability to prolong the erection and last longer in bed. And most importantly you should maintain your weight not just for sex life but for overall health and wellbeing.

4.7 Eating Sugar

It can cause a spike in blood sugar levels and thereby can add in damaging the tissues in the penile area.

4.8 Screen Time

Majority of us are into social media sites and chatting softwares or surfing the internet on desktop and phone networks. Such activities distract our mind and do not help in successful performance in bed. So, you should avoid this to have a better sex life. Dependence on such gadgets can cause insomnia as well. 

5. Increase Your Melatonin levels

Melatonin hormone influences in balancing sleep and wake cycle. Good amount of sleep will bring relief from stress hormones and increase sex time naturally. Every person requires a sound sleep. Melatonin improves sleep and stimulate performance for long time:

5.1 Get Some Sunlight

Getting exposed to the sun in the mid morning hours for 15 minutes and after 3 PM in the afternoon will improve the Vitamin D levels.

5.2 Reduce Artificial Lights

Depending on the artificial lights in the entire day can be harmful for internal regulation in your body. It will reduce your melatonin.

It can cause severe sleep disturbances, obesity and breast cancer.

5.3 Eat Tryptophan-rich Foods

Tryptophan is a specific type of amino acid which can make the performance of the males better and longer on bed. You will find tryptophan in turkey, chicken, nuts, seeds and dairy products. It will thus add in production of melatonin and enhance performance on bed.

5.4 Eat Calcium Rich Food

Calcium is known for strengthening bones and also stimulating natural production of melatonin. You will find melatonin in dairy products, green leafy vegetables and soy milk. You will experience improvement in your sleep quality.

5.5 Take a Warm Bath

Warm bath will refine your sensory nerves in the body and help you get intense flow of blood in the penis and strong erections. Naturally, you will maximize your pleasure levels in the intercourse sessions.

5.6 Cut Back on Caffeine

Though caffeine intake may act as a sex stimulant, make sure that you do not consume it in an excess manner. It will disrupt melatonin hormone and deprive you from good sleep.

5.7 Get Quality Sleep in Dark Room

You must ensure that the room where you sleep is dark and without any sound coming from any external sources.You require to maintain pin drop silence. And this is how you can have a sound sleep to balance your melatonin levels.

5.8 Install Dim Red Light In Your Bathroom

Installing a bright light led bulb may cause disturbance in your sleep. Rather installing the dim red light will soothe your sensory nerves and keep your melatonin at an optimum level. This would amount to getting a sound sleep.

6. Handy tips

Enhancing performance in bed requires a blend of physical, mental, and behavioral transformations.

6.1 Focus on Foreplay

It is a form of intimate bonding that initiates deep interest in intercourse sessions. It may involve hugging, touching sensitively and caressing and kissing.

Participating in foreplay will surely give rise to your libido and enhance your performance in bed.

6.2 Manage Chronic Health Problems

You must take medications and go for check-ups regularly in case you are suffering from health issues like diabetes and heart disorders. It would involve adopting the right lifestyle habits with a good diet rich in vegetables, whole grains and fruits. And having sound sleep and becoming a teetotaler would be the right way to achieve improvement in performance levels.

6.3 Improve Relationship Quality

Focusing on your partner’s likes or dislikes and tastes and wishing her on her birthday and anniversary and going on a dinner date can make you closer to your partner. Surprising her with gifts and taking her out on a vacation in nature’s vicinity will rekindle the lost passion and improve the relationship quality.

6.4 Try Sex Therapy

Interacting with a sex therapist may help you find the shortcomings in your behavior, emotional, and physical aspects. The therapist may help you by suggesting appropriate coping mechanisms. 

6.5 Engage in Shared Interests

Participating in common tastes can help in improving intimacy and lasting longer in bed and having quality sex time.

6.6 Masturbate for longevity

Masturbation helps in stimulating sexual genitals for arousing sexual pleasure, eliminating stress, and helping gain sound sleep. As it will enhance your sexual appetite and so it will improve your longevity.

6.7 Use Start-Stop Method

It is another effective way to gain control over premature ejaculation. You can start when you feel less aroused. It will help you stay longer in bed. If you develop the urge to ejaculate then you must stop right there.

6.8 Focus on Your Partner

It highlights understanding the partner’s feelings during intercourse time. caressing her during the sexual activity will not only heighten the sexual pleasure but also help you emotionally with your partner. Talk to her sensually and find which position would suit her for improving the quality of pleasure.


Premature ejaculation can hinder long sexual encounters for couples, as it causes early orgasms for the male partner. Consultation with the doctor will help you find the right solutions. Transparency with your partner can help resolve sexual inability. Identify those loopholes if existing in your diet, behavior and health which may hinder in the way for long time sex. You must take appropriate steps to rectify them and handle different coping mechanisms.