Since the Vedic era in India, mankind has relied on herbs and ayurvedic recipes for treating various disorders, including stress and anxiety. Shatavari has been very much in use since then for healing several disorders in both men and women. It is a popular remedy and surpasses allopathic medicines in its effectiveness.

Let’s study in detail about Shatavari in benefiting mankind and also its risks:

Ayurvedic Profile

As per Ayurveda, Shatavari is identified with overall health-stimulating properties for every man and woman. Its adaptogenic properties have been explained in the following points:

a). Flavor

Its sweet (Madhur) and bitter (tikta) flavors would help someone suffering from either vata or pitta disorders.

b). Quality

It’s heavy and oily and that’s sure to improve the vata dosha.

c). Potency

Its cooling effect is sure to normalize the inflammatory pitta conditions.

d). Post digestive effect

It would ease the process of digestion with its sweet property

e). Dosha balancing 

Though it’s known for balancing all the doshas, it applies to someone undergoing the vata and pitta disorders.

f). Dhatu

It is known to improve men’s sexual potency and balance reproductive hormones and correct any abnormalities in the female reproductive tract.

g). Channels 

It repairs the digestive tract and attends to improving the reproductive channel of any female.

Major effects noted after consuming Shatavari in capsule, tonic or powder form;

What is Shatavari?

According to its name, this certain species of Asparagus family is the solver of several diseases which may go up to a hundred considered as one of the most powerful ayurvedic herbs. It is a flowering plant that may grow easily in indoor and outdoor areas. Several centuries have passed by with the use of the Shatavari herb. People have been relying on this herb because of its various medicinal properties. It can easily heal physical illnesses and also strengthen the fertility capacity of females who may be struggling with motherhood.

Now, let’s gear for more details regarding Shatavari, its benefits and its risks

Shatavari Benefits For Health

You will come across the therapeutic benefits while using the Shatavari herb which have been described below:

Antioxidant properties

Shatavari is enriched with saponins, one of the compounds to help with dealing with stress and fighting the rising toxins in the body. Saponins prevent the destruction of cells in the body, managing bad cholesterol and rising blood sugar in the body.

Anti-inflammatory properties

Researchers in a recent study have discovered the presence of Racemofuran in Shatavari. Thus, it is quite safe to be taken in moderation. It would not cause any side effects like any other allopathic drug.

Boost your immune system

It has amazing natural properties to protect the body from being affected by varied infections and strengthen the defense mechanism. Proper dosage of Shatavari root administered to the person will raise antibodies, improves immunity and makes physically and mentally healthy.

Help relieve cough

It brings relief from germs that trigger coughing as proved by the researchers in recent studies. It heals coughing from the root level unlike any cough syrup prescribed by allopathic doctors.

Alcohol withdrawal 

Drinking alcohol harms the metabolic activities of the body. Many get affected by liver disorders and the destruction of nerve cells due to excessive alcohol intake. Shatavari tonic, powder or taken in whatever form would helps to heal liver damage from alcohol naturally. It will fight the radicals that cause damage to the nervous system. Shatavari helps the alcoholic gain control over his or her craving habit by controlling the senses.

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May help treat diarrhea

It has not yet been discovered that Shatavari may help treat diarrhea. There is not enough information about how Shatavari brings relief from germs causing diarrhea. But it has been experienced by most of us becoming weak with the excess discharge of water from the body with the stool and becoming perturbed, Shatavari would aid in causing soothing effects to the mind and body.

Diabetes and diabetic neuropathy 

There is more to research on how Shatavari heals diabetes and diabetic neuropathy. But has been found that certain compounds contribute to increasing insulin and optimizing glucose levels in the body. To a certain extent, it will prevent from occurring diabetes-related nerve damage. But one should go according to the advice of the physician for taking medication for such a life-threatening disorder like this.

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Treat ulcers

Many of us suffer from severe forms of ulcers in our stomachs. Researchers have discovered the fresh juice extracted from the Shatavari root alters the painful duodenal ulcer. One can surely try it to treat ulcers but seeking advice from a physician is also recommended.

Treat kidney stones

Just as any other water pill does, Shatavari dissolves stones and helps in the excretion process through the kidney. It stops the flow of wasteful fluid through the arteries and veins and lowers the blood pressure and any form of discomfort arising in the body.

Maintain blood sugar

It would stop the absorption of sugar by the intestines and instead, it would improve the absorption of sugar by the cells and tissues and enhance the energy levels.


shatavari is termed as the queen of herbs as it delays aging process by restoring the balance of vata and pitta along with kapha. The rise in dry vata tends to cause wrinkles in the skin. Shatavari helps in the renewal of cells in the body and prevents the development of wrinkles. It will bring relief from dry vata and pitta doshas and raise the level of moisture in the body with its natural softening properties.

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Treat depression

As excess vata dosha arises in the body, it taxes not only the entire body but also attacks the brain nerves. It does not let the brain to function actively. Rather, it will increase stress hormones and make the person incapable of thinking. He or she will be depressed. The dosage of Shatavari has the potency to fight free radicals triggering intense stress and depression. It will revitalize the functioning of the nervous system and boost the refreshing effect on the mind.

Supports lactation

It has the potential to improve the reproductive health of females. Galactagogue enhances milk production. Shatavari will increase the lactating potency as it is enriched with galactagogue properties. Further studies are required to understand how far consumption of Shatavari can enable healthy fetus growth and lead the way toward safe motherhood.

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Reduce symptoms of menopause

Every woman goes through the phase of menopause in her late forties or fifties. Menopause cannot be ignored when regular menstrual bleeding stops. However, dealing with the symptoms of menopause becomes difficult for many women. Such symptoms may be hot flashes and mood disorders. Shatavari definitely helps balance hormones in women and thus make the transition to menopause and beyond that easier.

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With few successful scientific studies, it has been found that some of the viruses are altered by oral application of Shatavari roots, capsules or tonic. However, analysis is required to be done to find how Shatavari herbs can alter specific types of viruses.

Potential Side Effects

Clinical experts have come up with the opinion that the Shatavari herb is quite suitable for women. There have not been symptoms of side effects noticed when offered to lactating and pregnant women.

However, this medicinal herb needs to be administered under the supervisory guidance of any physician.

Further, allergic reactions have been noticed and reported in some cases. There have been of course some side effects noticed like:

  • Rashes
  • Heart rate getting faster
  • Itching sensation in the skin and eyes.
  • Problem in breathing
  • Disturbance in vision

In case, you are taking any other laxative medicine, it is advisable to not include Shatavari also. Otherwise, it can have adverse effects.

Need not take Shatavari with any other herb or drug that lowers the sugar level in the body. 

How to Use

There is no enough information about the dosage of Shatavari. However, doctors would do case studies and suggest the dosage. 

Every person may not have the same levels of doshas in the body. There are different forms in which every individual can try Shatavari. It may be in powder, tablet and liquid forms.

  • Tablets : 500 milligrams daily twice.
  • Liquid : 30 drops to be mixed with water and juice. One can also use 4 to 5 millimeters of the tincture thrice a day. 
  • Powder: Prepare tea by using 1 teaspoon of Shatavari powder.


Shatavari, a flowering plant, has been used for centuries to treat stress, anxiety, vata and pitta disorders, digestion, sexual potency, reproductive hormones, and digestive tract repair.

Consuming in capsules, tonics, or powders offers health benefits, including immune system boost, cough relief, alcohol withdrawal aid, and diabetes treatment. Being cautious about the dosage pattern will save you from potential side effects and help you achieve a thorough recovery.