Normally, every human is born with 80000 and 120000 hair follicles on the scalp. Hair follicles get nourishment with nutrients and oxygen through the blood flowing into the scalp. Hair grows beyond the oil gland and through the skin. The oil from the gland makes the hair oily and softer. Almost every human goes through a hair loss of 100 strands a day and even more due to genetic reasons and lifestyle disorders.

There are certain tips to grow hair faster naturally :

1. Increasing Macronutrients in Your Regular Diet

Macronutrients are like Riboflavin, Iron, Biotin, Vitamin B12 and D which can initiate in promoting natural hair growth from the root level. Even you would require enough Vitamin C for collagen production and antioxidants for strengthening the hair root. You can find such nutrients in eggs, berries, spinach, fatty fish, sweet potatoes and avocados. You can also eat nuts which not only taste good and fill up your stomach but also nourish your body and brain with necessary nutrients. And so, the nuts boost hair growth by supplying Vitamin B, Zinc and essential fatty acids. Eating Flaxseeds and Chia seeds will help in meeting the requirements of Vitamin E and boosting shiny and dense hair growth.

2. Examining the Protein Intake for Your Body and Hair Growth

To counter regular shedding of hair and stop hair loss any further, you may require at least 50gm of proteins each day, not below that. Apart from eggs, fish and green leafy spinach rich in protein, you can also take Biotin supplements to strengthen hair roots and increase density.

3. Using Caffeine Enabled Supplements

Caffeine enriched shampoos and hair oils are effective in altering hair fall, minimizing hair fall and controlling premature graying of hair. It will increase hair density and maintain the frizziness of hair under controlled conditions. You can use Green, black, Oolong and White tea for hair wash. High in caffeine, this tea will boost hair density along with shine and texture. Coffee scalp scrub may also remove dead cells and impurities from the scalp and enhance the smoothness and improve the texture of the hair. 

4. Blending Essential Oils With Carrier Oils

Often we use various essential oils to water for bathing whose fragrances refresh our minds and bodies. You can add Rosemary oil, Pumpkin seed oil, or Lavender oil to any carrier oil like Castor oil, Coconut oil, Amla oil or Almond oil and massage your hair and scalp. Such a blend will eliminate the problem of female pattern baldness. And control premature graying. It will also prevent the scalp from any further drying and suffering from dandruff.

5. Massaging the Head Daily

Massaging the hair and scalp with Aadved Adivasi hair oil will be the right decision as this specific hair growth supplement is 100 % Ayurvedic with all the essential herbs for hair growth. Amla, Kamal, Lodh, Red Onion, Chandan and Bhringraj are those ingredients that will generate proteins for strengthening hair fiber, removing dandruff, detoxifying the scalp, optimizing the pH level in the hair and scalp, stopping split ends, breakage, hair fall and premature graying. You would not get the benefits of using hair oil made from any other chemical. 

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6. Use Natural Hair Shampoos and Conditioners

Instead of buying chemically enriched shampoos and conditioners from the market and applying them to your hair, you can easily prepare traditional hair shampoos and conditioners with Reetha, Shikakai and Amla. You need to boil such ingredients and after that, you can scoop out the creamy layer from the reetha nuts, remove the nut shells, blend the mixture and strain and apply on your hair like you do usually with any normal shampoo. 

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You can use Banana, Apple Cider Vinegar, Yogurt or Aloe Vera for cleansing your hair and scalp. Each of these natural ingredients can nourish hair follicles and till the tips of the hair strands. 

Normally any hair expert would suggest using the Macamo hair repair control therapy kit made from various hair revitalizing herbs. This specific pack will control all problems, including fungal or microbial spread throughout the scalp and hair from the root.

7. Yoga for Hair Growth

Increasing stress levels often lead to frequent hair loss and dryness in the scalp. But, as we know meditation is a pattern of cleansing the mind and body by application of physical and mental techniques, it can also stimulate hair growth by stimulating the flow of oxygen-rich blood into the scalp and thus nurturing the hair cells. Meditation will wipe out stress from the body and induce adequate hair growth and that will help in increasing hair growth and the thickness of hair.

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You can also perform any yoga asana as per your comfort level which may strengthen the hair root and make hair grow stronger, thicker and longer.

Some Yoga Asanas for Hair Growth

1. Kapal Bhati

You can sit in the padmasana pose or cross-legged position by keeping your spine straight. Inhale and exhale while pressing your tummy backward or towards the spine. It increases oxygen levels inside the body and scalp and improves the quality of hair growth. 

2. Sarvangasana

You can keep your legs straight and high up in the hair by lying on your back and supporting your back with your hands. This yoga is capable of improving your hair quality and so does free you from any microbial spread in the scalp and hair. It will balance the body’s hormones and stop hair fall.

3. Sirsasana 

Quite similar to Sarvang asana but in this asana, you will be keeping your head high up and surrounding your head with your forearms. It will revitalize the hair strands from the root to the tip, prevent premature graying and reduce untimely hair fall. 

8. Trim Your Hair Regularly

Split ends and breakage in the hair cause major obstacles in dense hair growth. Trimming every quarter will stop any further breakage in the hair which might spread across other hair strands and spoil and reduce hair density. Cutting the hair from the tip is necessary for stimulating strong hair growth.

This is how we conclude about the suggested points explaining how to grow hair naturally at home.


Repeated hair fall is indeed a matter of concern for everyone. But many of us do not realize that it is our disturbed lifestyle, wrong eating habits, sleeplessness and exposure to pollution that make our hair quality and roots weak. But there are certainly effective ways to boost hair growth from the root by pushing through the glands. Hair requires nurturing with nutrition-rich natural foods and massaging with ayurvedic hair oils, cleansing with homemade shampoos and conditioners and strengthening of roots with yoga and meditation.