Hot summer can dry, spoil the structure and texture or cause the imbalance of moisture in your hair and scalp with excess heat, and UV rays generated by the Sun and its related humidity. You require enough attention and care for your hair as well as protection by not only covering your scalp and hair with head scarves or umbrellas but also hair oil for hair growth, hydration and nourishment. Any light hair oil is recommended which can make your hair less greasy and less heavy and nourish your hair and scalp thoroughly.

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Here are the top 11 benefits of using the best oil for hair growth this summer.

1. Nurturing the Scalp

Oiling and massaging the scalp during summer with coconut, olive or almond will produce a cooling sensation and awaken the dormant hair follicles. It will hydrate the scalp and nourish it and thus it will lead to rapid hair growth.

2. Promoting the Circulation of Blood

Either you can do a dry scalp massage or use coconut oil blended with onion juice and apply it to your scalp and hair. It will improve the circulation of blood and add nutrients to your scalp with oxygen and other nutrients. After massaging it at night, you can rinse it the next day.

You will be impressed by the result of rinsing the hair and scalp with the blend of lemon juice and cucumber juice. It will be a suitable hair shampoo that you can prepare at home to stimulate a cooling effect plus thick, dense and soft hair growth. It will remove the dandruff. It will help in optimizing the moisturizing effect and that will be beneficial during both dry and humid summers.

3. Stopping Breakage and Split Ends

Aadved Herbal Hair Growth Oil

Daily exposure to harsh rays and heat generated by the Sun along with the high levels of humidity will destroy the hair shaft with breakage and split ends. Coconut oil will reverse the effects of the UV radiations of the Sun and not let the hair suffer from any damage including premature graying. Massaging thoroughly with the blend of coconut and almond on the scalp will penetrate deeply and activate the sebaceous gland for sebum production. Without enough sebum on hair, one can suffer dryness, breakage and split ends.

4. Strengthening the Hair From the Root

You can blend your hair oil with aloe vera juice and water and apply it by beginning from the end of the hair shaft and reaching the scalp so that the hair oil penetrates and nourishes the hair follicles.  Even you can use coconut oil which is also good at penetrating deeply below the surface of the scalp and revitalizing and strengthening the hair follicles.

5. Cleansing and Softening the Hair

As the dirt and dust accumulate in the hair and scalp, hair becomes heavy and messy. While focusing on the ends of the hair shaft, you can apply any lightweight hair oil on the hair burdened with dirt, dust or any fungal infection. Using coconut oil or almond oil will clear the dirt from the hair root. It will revitalize the texture of the hair and enhance its softness and thickness.

6. Removes Dandruff and Manages Dryness of Hair

Tulsi has been tested with potency to eliminate dandruff from hair and scalp with its anti-hair fall bioactive compounds. You can mix tulsi powder or oil with any lightweight hair oil and massage it on your hair and scalp and rinse it with any herbal shampoo the richness of tulsi during summer will stop the development and spread of any four types of fungal strain on your hair and scalp. 

You will have voluminous, soft and silky growth of hair. You can use this anti-dandruff recipe every alternate day to keep your hair quality hydrated, nourished and free from any fungal infection.

7. Stimulating Shiny Hair Growth

Ree Growth Oil

Brahmi, Amla and Bhringraj are well-known natural herbs for hair growth. Blending such herbs with any lightweight oil and massaging it on your head will enrich the scalp with enough nutrients. It will stimulate the dormant hair follicles for new and shiny hair growth.

8. Protecting the Hair from Environmental Pollution

It is not only the harsh rays of the sun and atmosphere that tend to make hair weak and fall and burden your scalp with harmful chemicals and ultraviolet rays, you would suffer hair loss while swimming in the chlorine-filled water pool.

Even bacteria, germs and other pollutants in the water tend to disrupt the quality of hair texture. Post-swimming, applying or massaging your scalp with coconut oil or jojoba oil will act as protection against the penetration of toxic elements into your scalp.

9. Controlling Hair Loss

Experts have found that enough melatonin in the scalp will never let you suffer from frequent hair loss. More or less, shedding 100 hairs every day is quite natural during summer.

But if anyone experiences shedding beyond it may not be normal. Frequent exposure to Sun rays leads to loss of melatonin. But massaging with Adivasi hair oil enriched with Brahmi, Amla and Bhringraj will protect the scalp from the harsh rays and heat of the Sun penetrating inside and damaging the hair follicles. It will help boost hairgrowth thicker, denser and longer.

10. Relieving from Headache and Stress

Applying curd to already-oiled hair will not only remove the greasy effect from hair and scalp but will reduce stress and headache. Make sure that you use any lightweight hair oil blended with different herbs like lavender, rosemary, chamomile and eucalyptus. The fragrance of such herbs will soothe and calm down the nerves and reduce sinus problems.

11. Supporting Overall Hair Growth

Supporting Overall Hair Growth

As a part of the hair care routine for the summer season, using hair supplements like multivitamins or hair gummies orally along with massaging with Coconut oil or Argon oil will instantly deliver revitalizing effects on hair and scalp. Have enough berries, eggs, spinach, mangoes and amla in your diet to experience desired results.


We cannot have control over seasonal changes that cause varying damages to the hair shaft and its root. But we can take protection with natural hair oils and hair masks. 

Harsh summer heat and UV rays of the Sun threaten the hair and remove natural oils from the hair. As a result, hair turns frizzy and falls frequently. Coconut oil, jojoba oil, castor oil and tulsi oil are instances of natural lightweight hair oils that form a protective barrier against atmospheric toxins, chlorine water, and fungal and bacterial infections.