Selecting the right edibles will surely lead to improving our immune system, recharging our dormant brain nerve, helping minimize the symptoms of chronic disorders and enhancing our lifespan.

Include These Foods in Your Daily Diet Plan

There are various types of nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables including lean proteins which will help in attaining fullness, calm down your mind and enable you to get the nutrients you need to keep yourself in perfect shape.

This blog throws light on the food items that you can select in your daily plan;

Leafy Greens


This leafy green vegetable has many health benefits, including improved skin tone, thicker hair, brighter appearance, increased clarity of vision, cleaned blood vessels, and neurotransmitter activation.

It also lowers cholesterol. You will nourished with Vitamins A, C and K and different forms of antioxidants.


Eating Kale will surely nourish you with the nutrients that your body needs. Potassium, folate, calcium and vitamins like C, A, K and antioxidants are in kale to nurture your body and help you shed kilos.

It will help you to overcome the disorder in your heart and gain clear vision through the eyes.

Swiss Chard:

Like spinach, you can also eat Swiss chard in the steamed or stewed form to improve your health conditions with vitamins like A, C, K and various minerals. It will free your body from toxins, cleanse your blood tissues and improve blood circulation.

You can choose this green leafy variety as a low-carb diet to maintain blood sugar levels at normal and be free from stress.



To fulfill the deficiency of fiber, you can take blueberries daily. It prevents cell damage and stops the spread of cancer in the body with its antioxidant properties.

It will nourish the body with required Vitamin C and enhance insulin to balance excess blood sugar.


It is a wonder fruit that one can use to fight the free radicals of aging with its detoxifying properties, stop the growth of cancerous cells and meet the deficiency of fiber in the body.

It is a rich storehouse of Vitamin C to heal heart attacks and maintain blood sugar at optimum levels.


It has been favorite among many due to its juicy with sweet and sour taste and consuming them leads to effective weight loss and nourishment with nutrients.

It has abundance of vitamins, antioxidants and fiber to eliminate the unhealthy fats and improve your heart function.

Herbs and Spices


Eating raw unripe directly or combined with milk can help prevent infection, and cancer, and treat inflammatory joints and back pain.

It has been used in India since the ancient period and now it is in demand all across the globe owing to its health rejuvenating benefits.


Adding ginger to your recipe or simply consuming it in moderation will burn fats leading to healthy weight loss and reducing pain with its anti-inflammatory properties. 

It is extremely helpful in inflammatory liver and heart conditions and enhancing your immunity.


Eating cinnamon will aid in removing toxic fats from your body and reducing sugar levels and reducing fungal infection and other harmful microbes from the respiratory tract.

Adding cinnamon to your food or any form of beverage will reduce the development of tuberculosis, cough, cold and asthma.

Whole Grains


Mixing with proteins like eggs, lentils, chicken or any other vegetable, you can enjoy the flavor of this South American wholegrain. Before eating grain like brown rice, you need to clean and boil for 15 minutes until it becomes soft.

It is a safe carbohydrate diet unlike refined flour and rice and can be eat in Diabetes. The richness of fiber, Vitamin B and E and different minerals like zinc, iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium and phosphorus in Quinoa has got the interest of nourishment seekers from all across the globe.

Brown Rice

Brown rice is another best source of wholesome food grains which will nourish the body with fiber and necessary nutrients like calories, fiber, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B1 and minerals. It stimulates excellent weight management and improves heart conditions.


Selecting oats will be the best option during breakfast to nourish your body with the needed fiber, iron, vitamin E, minerals and different antioxidants.

It will keep your stomach full for the entire day. You will feel energetic and active to study or work.

Lean Proteins


Eating chicken, you will recover from any weakness bothering your body and have active brain and heart health.

It is easily digestible as its flesh is quite tender and can be easily cooked unlike the red meat which takes longer time to cook and digest.

It has enough protein to nourish your body and antioxidants to control cell destruction.


Similar to chicken, turkey is a lean protein meat enriched with the vitamin B complex to boost your immune system.

It is low in fat and sodium and high in minerals like Zinc and Niacin compared to chicken. It would also activate your brain and nervous system.

It will reduce your fatigue and depression levels.


Soy milk product which looks and its making process matches with dairy cheese would nourish your body with valuable nutrients like calcium, manganese, copper and selenium.

It is a suitable for anyone who prefers vegan diet. Eating it regularly will upload your body with fiber, protein and isoflavones.

It will minimize bad cholesterol and boost cardiovascular and liver functions smoother.


In India, you will get a variety of fish to suit your taste and fulfill your nutritional needs. One of them is Indian Salmon which is locally termed as Rawas.

It would satisfy your taste buds by rinsing in water several times and cooking properly with mustard oil and different spices like turmeric, ginger, garlic, fenugreek, red chili powder and coriander powder.

It nurtures your skin tone, revitalizes your brain nerves and enhances your vision with nutrients like Omega 3 fatty acids, Potassium and various other minerals.

Alternatively, you can try different varieties of fish as well which may be Rohu, Indian mackerel, Sardine and Hilsa.

Healthy Fats


You can nourish your health with various types of nutrients which are folic acid and B Vitamins and fatty acids.

Either you can eat the Avocado fruit directly or take it with various other salad items like sweet onions, fresh tomatoes and cilantro to revitalize your nervous system and brain nerves.


You can rely on nuts like walnuts, almonds and pistachios to make your brain active, nourish your body and mind and improve your muscle mass with Omega 3 fatty acids. Eating fast food would be a threat to your heart health unlike nuts if taken regularly. 


Flaxseeds, chia seeds, hemp seeds and sesame seeds are edibles of high-quality proteins, rich in varying nutrients like fiber, Omega 3 fatty acids and different minerals like magnesium, manganese and copper.

These seeds can be eaten after getting soaked in water, or milk or being added to cookies, muffins and other baked items. Regular consumption of seeds would support heart health.

Olive Oil

Consuming one teaspoon of olive oil daily would help your body get the required amount of antioxidants to fight with cell destruction, improve skin tone and lower your weight.

It has huge amount of fatty acids to manage lipid levels and boost healthy heart and mind.

Colorful Vegetables

Bell Peppers

Eating this colorful vegetable with other varieties will surely reverse the degeneration of vision, improve circulatory health and prevent memory loss.

This vegetable is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and thus helps keep your body free from chronic diseases and delay the process of aging.


Apart from orange color, carrots are of other colors like purple, black, white and yellow which will also improve your vision and activate your brain neurons.

Biotin, potassium and Vitamin A present in this variety of modified roots would revitalize your cells and stop the development of cancer and add glow to your skin.


Eating tomatoes raw or mixed with vegetables or in the form of chutney will cleanse blood from toxic fats, ease the circulatory system and improve your heart conditions.



It is a storehouse of fiber and nutrients that can smoothen the bowel movement and save from cell damage. Consuming it daily help in enhancing muscle mass.


It is another form of plant protein to nourish your body with healthy fats and have enough fiber to ease stool during the phase of constipation and piles. 


It is another effective dietary fiber-rich protein food to reduce your obesity, and blood sugar and improve your gut health.

Greek Yogurt

A thick and dense form of yogurt made with different forms of milk concentrates and whey protein to nourish your body and mind.

This thick creamy yogurt locally termed dahi ka chakka is used in Indian cuisine-making processes like raita, chutney and dip because it helps in managing high blood sugar, balancing appetite and strengthening bones and improving gut health with calcium and friendly microbes.


A soy item,  favored by vegans and vegetarians because of its plant-based origin to improve your bone muscles with high quantities of protein.

It will help in shedding kilos and enhancing body mass with non-toxic fats, managing blood pressure and heart health.


Anyone suffering from anemia, weakness in bones and nerves and poor vision can have two boiled eggs daily combined with salt and black pepper.

It will contribute in altering vitamin deficiency and strengthening your body mass.

Low-Fat Dairy


Milk is enriched with various nutrients which are vitamins, and minerals including calcium, and zinc to deal with weak immune systems, anemic conditions and strength in bones and to enhance sexual potency.


As an alternative measure to milk for dealing with the deficiency of Vitamin A, D, Calcium, proteins and other minerals, you can use cheese in your daily diet.

It would aid in building muscles and strengthening the nerves.

Cruciferous Vegetables


Eat broccoli daily in boiled or in soup or directly raw. It looks like cauliflower but green in color which has a higher amount of detoxifying and anti-inflammatory properties.

It is a little bitter and quite helpful in maintaining high levels of blood sugar. It will lower your bad cholesterol and improve your circulatory health.

Brussels Sprouts

In India, this green cruciferous vegetable is known as choti gobi. It does not cause cancer, reduce blood sugar levels and heal gut disorders which usually give rise to constipation and piles.

It helps in repairing damaged tissues and enhances your defense mechanism.


If you are suffering from a cough and cold or any form of infection then you can take cauliflower to minimize your infections and gain stamina.

The percentage of carbohydrates is extremely low in cauliflower and it will not let your blood sugar and pressure levels rise in your body. High in antioxidants cauliflower will not let the cancer cells grow or spread in the body.

Citrus Fruits


To benefit maximum amount of Vitamin C, you can eat oranges daily. It will enhance the muscle mass and cartilage.

You can gain control over your heart disorder and inflammatory and painful joints. It is the ultimate source of Vitamin C and antioxidants to make your immune system stronger.


Both the pulp and juice of lemon if taken with the meal stimulate the gut to make digestion easier and reduce acidity and regulate cardiovascular functions.

Vitamin C, fiber and compounds present in the lemon will lower the cholesterol levels and will minimize the risk of heart attack or stroke.

It does have some percentage of iron and helps in the absorption of iron from chicken, meat and fish to manage anemic conditions.


Grapefruit pulp and its juice ease the absorption of food into the intestine and nourish the body with necessary nutrients.

Sweet and sour grapefruit with little bitterness will revitalize the taste buds and the red color of the pulp does appeal to the eyes.

Its beta-carotene ingredient will strengthen the eyes and their nerves and vitamin C will reduce inflammation and infection,

Green Tea

An elderly individual with Alzheimer’s disease or other brain-related conditions can drink green tea daily.

It has been found that L-Theanine reverses the hangover symptoms, activates the brain waves and manages the problems of depression, anxiety and also stress.

Your heart condition will also improve by drinking green tea once a day. It will lower the bad cholesterol and cleanse the circulatory system.

Dark Chocolate

High-quality dark chocolate (with at least 70% cocoa) – contains antioxidants and may benefit heart health.

Eating dark chocolate with 70% or 85 % cocoa in it will activate your brain nerves, boost libido and regulate gut function.

It will not let your heart suffer from malfunctioning owing to the presence of highly reactive chemicals filled up with oxygen.


To fight cell damage or any acute disorder in your body, high cholesterol, you can have mushrooms on an alternative basis.

It would be the better choice for someone who prefers not eating animal products for high protein intake.

Bone Broth

It is a form of soup in which some amount of meat is added and it can contribute to improving intestinal activity and managing immunity.

Drinking bone broth will aid in preventing cartilage loss and alter inflammatory and painful conditions of joints.


It all lies in the variety of colorful and nutritious vegetables, fruits and recipes that can make you feel full and nourished.

You can also rely on lean meat which may include chicken and fish as a part of a healthy diet to improve your stamina and strengthen your immune system.

Mushrooms and soy proteins are recommended for those who rely on a vegan diet.