Soft tissues lying around the anus get swollen when a person finds it hard to discharge the stool and suffers from inflammation, bleeding and itching. Such degenerative colorectal condition is not only noticed in elderly people but also among the person who may be in their teens.

What is Bawaseer: Causes, Cure and Treatment of Piles

Many of us may have suffered from piles or hemorrhoids which are in the form of swollen blood vessels in our lifetime. Some of us might find ourselves suffering from more complications if proper treatment procedures are not adopted. Complications noticed are anemia, clotting of blood and thrombosed hemorrhoids.

What is Piles?

Piles or hemorrhoids as used in the medical term are raised, painful and inflammatory blood vessels developed around the anus and rectum.

Putting pressure on the rectum or anus while seated on the toilet during the constipation phase causes the nearby blood vessels to expand, hemorrhage, irritate, and produce discomfort and suffering.

Hemorrhoid sores may differ in size and location.

Types of Piles

Types of hemorrhoids are identified by their location outside or inside the anal canal.

External Hemorrhoids

It is what happens to most of us in the form of sores forming outside the anus as a result of intense building for discharging the hard bowel. Blood happens to come out along with mucus and the stool.  It causes pain, itching and irritation while you walk or sit. 

Internal Hemorrhoids

Internal hemorrhoids grow inside the anal canal. Sores growing inside are not easily seen externally until these sores or swollen blood vessels come out of the anus.

4 stages of grading have been noticed for the development of internal hemorrhoids.

In four different stages, these swollen tissues reveal them outside the anal canal as prolapsed hemorrhoids.

Let’s explore the stages of development of internal hemorrhoids: 

  • Stage 1

In this grade 1, you will only suffer from bleeding without any pain. You will not experience any other discomfort like itching and inflammatory conditions.

  • Stage 2

The next stage will let you experience the prolapse of swollen tissues outside the anal area. But it will go back inside without any manual requirement.

  • Stage 3

In this grade 3, prolapsed tissues can be pushed back inside manually.

  • Stage 4

In this final stage, the prolapsed hemorrhoids will not go back even if you try manually as much as you can. Conditions would be the same as those of external hemorrhoids. 

Thrombosed Hemorrhoids

It is the condition of hemorrhoidal blood vessels being affected by the clotting of blood in the external area of the anus. Cases of blood clotting may arise in internal hemorrhoids also.

What Causes Piles

Blood vessels found outside the anal area or in prolapsed form happen to be bothersome to anyone.

Not every patient has the same reason for getting affected by piles. Not every person may not have a uniform metabolism, diet, and physical and mental constitution as influenced by genetics, age and lifestyle he or she leads.

Certain factors leading to the development of internal piles and external piles are:

  1. Case of genetic background: In many cases of piles, patients have been discovered inheriting the problem from their paternal and maternal relatives. 
  2. Constipation: It occurs when dryness in the anal canal prevails and hardens the stool. One finds difficulty in discharging the stool. Lack of water in the colon does not let the stool move out of the anal area. Many of us hold on to our pressure for discharging the poo and experience constipation and unease in bowel movement or inflammation in the anal area in return. It should be avoided. 
  3. Diet: Less fiber and lack of drinking less than 4 glasses of water per day or even along with alcohol consumption and smoking happen to damage the digestive metabolism.
  4. Sedentary lifestyle: Most of us these days are into desk jobs. Sitting for long hours can be tedious for anyone. It must be avoided as much as possible with exercises like running, swimming, and playing any outdoor sports which helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Frequent body movements or exercises will let the colon push the stool out and promote healthy weight loss. But do not push yourself into an exercise regime just after having a meal except for a light walk.
  5. Pregnancy: It causes pressure on the lower abdomen combined with hormonal alterations bringing changes in the digestive metabolism. It can cause irregularity in stool discharge and different digestive problems.
  6. Old age: Veins around the anal area get weak with the increasing age. Weak circulatory conditions do not let the blood flow into the veins followed by weak muscle toning causes constipation and piles.

Symptoms of piles

These symptoms are the signs that indicate the growth of piles tissues externally or internally. 

  1. Bleeding: You notice the discharge of blood and mucus during the poo excretion. 
  1. Itching: Blood clotting in the swollen blood vessels happens to cause irritation and itching. You may feel uncomfortable throughout the day in the office or at home and not be able to do any work.
  1. Pain: Struggling to discharge large and hard stools would make you go through intense pain. Such pain may arise while sitting or standing anywhere.  
  1. Burning sensation in the anal area: It develops with the growing intensity of pain or level of severity of hemorrhoids.

Treatment for Piles

It is necessary to contact a health expert or certified medical practitioner to determine the extent of piles conditions. 

Diagnosing the internal piles with a digital endoscope or proctoscope or examining the severity of external piles or prolapsed hemorrhoids will let you know the right treatment procedures.


Rubber band ligation, Sclerotherapy and hemorrhoidectomy may be considered if the pain, inflammation and swelling of piles are unbearable.

But there is no surety of complete recovery with any of the expensive surgical procedures. The problem might show up again.

Over-the-counter Medicines

You can use ointments and creams prescribed by the doctor.  You can experience relief from pain, inflammation and swelling of hemorrhoids.

Different pharmaceutical companies are promoting such healing products of piles including suppositories. But make sure to use the best brand to experience pain relief from internal and external piles.

Stool Softeners

You can take guidance from the doctor or follow the instructions as mentioned on the label of the product, you can use stool softener which may be in liquid, capsule, tablet and syrup orally.

Home Remedies for Piles Treatment without Surgery

Sitz water bath

Allow yourself to sit in the tub half with warm water by adding Epsom salt or potassium permanganate solution. It will stop bleeding, pain and inflammatory conditions. It will relax your muscles and swollen veins near the anal area. Even swelling may also subside. But doing it twice a day will have faster recovery effects.


Have an abundance of fiber in your diet like lentils, whole grains, spinach, cauliflower, broccoli and even eggs. With a proper balance diet and drinking plenty of water will contribute to softening the stool and easing anal passage for poo discharge.

Read our Post on 10 Effective Home Remedies for Piles (Bawaseer) for more details

Dr.Piles Free Kit: Ayurvedic Medicine to Cure Piles without Operation

Dr Piles Free is a herbal formulation prepared using traditional wisdom of Ayurveda that can help you cure piles without operation.

  1. The oil, capsules and powder of Dr.Piles Free are made from powerful ayurvedic herbs possessing astringent properties along with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Kutaj, amla, nag kesar, bhumi amla, haritaki (one of the components of Triphala) and neem are some of them.
  2. Reduces the external and internal sores of piles.
  3. Aids in wound healing and stops bleeding, itching and pain.
  4. Acts as a stool-softening agent.
  5. Boosts bowel movement through the lower abdomen.
  6. Balances all the doshas.
  7. Not cause adverse effects as compared to any prescription medicine.
  8. Approved by Ministry of Ayush, Government of India


Elderly people get affected by the piles as their muscles and veins weaken with age.

They suffer from piles and constipation because of such degenerative conditions.

But the young generation is finding themselves in such embarrassing and painful conditions at quite an early age.

Problems of internal and external piles are disrupting their lives with all types of uneasiness, pain and inflammation in the anal area.

There might be genetic reasons causing internal and external piles.

However, they are not well informed about the appropriate lifestyle, diet and medication to manage such chronic conditions. With diagnosis and practical tips and Ayurveda, one finds relief from inflammatory piles within a week.