Surviving with diabetic conditions is difficult without undergoing any treatment. Diabetes is not a simple disease that gets over within a few days or months. It is a chronic disorder that damages every organ of the body including the nervous system and causes deterioration in mental wellness with the surge in the blood sugar levels.

Ayurvedic Herbs for Blood Sugar Control

Keeping blood sugar levels under control is an important aspect of the treatment that may require the use of appropriate herbs and practicing regular physical exercises and mental exercises.

In the case of type 1 diabetes, it has been noticed that insulin production goes down due to an autoimmune disorder. A person suffering from type 1 diabetes requires enough insulin in the body. Type 2 diabetes is the inability of the body to respond to the insulin in the body and that’s how the sugar remains in the bloodstream and rises high. It requires ayurvedic treatment that includes dietary alterations, application of herbs and by maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Gestational Diabetes is prevalent condition in pregnant woman who suffer from a surge in blood sugar levels due to hormonal changes. The emphasis is put on modifying the lifestyle along with administering a healthy diet and natural bitter herbs.

Though ayurvedic medicine for diabetes is considered to be the secondary approach for diabetic patients in the process of treatment, the results have been unbelievably supreme in helping the patients attain recovery without experiencing any side effects. 

By responding to the needs of every diabetic individual, the Ayurvedic practitioner would devise tailor-made treatment.

What is Meant by Controlling Blood Sugar Levels?

It is about regulating the blood glucose mechanism and maintaining the blood sugar at optimum levels. You can get support from the healthcare team including the endocrinologist for diabetes management. 

Any Ayurvedic practitioner is capable of attending to the individual requirements of diabetic patients after diagnosing their health conditions.

The herbs that come in to be used for diabetes management are turmeric, cinnamon, bitter melon, amla, jamun, gurmar and vijaysar. Apart from this, the patient will be guided holistically under the dosha conditions.

Ayurvedic Herbs for Blood Sugar Control

The discussion has been laid down in concern with how the Indian herbs and spices are capable of reversing the surge in blood sugar levels. 

You will be coming across the information concerning the herbs and spices mentioned below which make diabetic persons recover easily and have a healthy and long life:


The presence of bioactive elements like curcumin in turmeric makes the person recover from diabetic conditions naturally and it is a widely popular spice for diabetes. With the clinical trials done on animals and type 2 diabetes patients recently, it has been discovered that turmeric has been able to balance the rising sugar metabolism and normalize lipid levels. 


  1. It helps in lowering the blood sugar level
  2. It activates beta cells in producing insulin.
  3. It makes the body capable of responding to insulin and utilizing sugar appropriately.
  4. It is anti-inflammatory. And therefore, it would heal the wounds easily.
  5. It stops different complications rising with increasing blood sugar levels. It may be related to nerves, eyes and obesity.

How to Use

In almost every Indian recipe, turmeric is the key spice added and blended with food items during the cooking process.

You can prepare tea by boiling the root of the turmeric in the water.

Further, it can be added with milk and during the night before going to bed.


Cinnamon is the bark of a tree enriched with medicinal properties like cinnamaldehyde to balance the metabolism of the body and boost high immune system. It has the potency to cleanse the toxins from the body and balance the blood glucose levels making it one of the most powerful ayurvedic herbs. It has been used in ancient times in Egypt to offer gifts to the kings.


  1. It reduces the harmful oxidizing agents in the body.
  2. It brings relief from stress.
  3. It increases the insulin levels.
  4. It will enhance the immunity of the body by increasing nutrients like calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium.

How to Use

Using ½ to 1 tablespoon daily will improve insulin sensitivity.

You can use it in the form of spice in your food to enhance the sweetness or use it in the form of an ingredient for preparing herbal tea.


The use of Fenugreek locally termed methi, has been proven all across the world. Its seeds and leaves are the source of nutrients and medicinal properties. It not only modifies the taste or flavor of the food but also nourishes the body with fiber and protein. It also benefits the person who is suffering from diabetes and its complications.


  1. It acts in a way that stimulates insulin production.
  2. It makes the cells respond to the insulin well enough to use the sugar for energy production.
  3. It reduces the skin problem which often rises with the surge in sugar level.
  4. It regulates cholesterol levels and improves blood circulation

How to Use

Any adult can take 5 to 6 grams by mouth to prevent the surge in sugar levels daily. It must be soaked in water overnight and then must be taken in the morning along with the water to reduce unhealthy fats, and sugar and improve blood circulation and heart function.

Bitter melon

It has several benefits for which many would go for cleansing the blood and revitalizing the skin and entire health conditions. Its bitterness helps in combating the spike in blood sugar levels. It helps in controlling the growth of the cancer cells.


  1. It stimulates the insulin to move the sugar into the cells.
  2. It enhances insulin hormone and helps in building muscles.
  3. It frees the blood from toxins and unhealthy ingredients.
  4. It regulates the heart condition.
  5. It helps the body to get free from stress.

How to Use

You can add bitter melon while preparing vegetable curry. To improve the taste of the bitter melon, you can pickle it or boil it with kali mirch or black pepper and salt.

You can use the seeds of karela or bitter melon and grind it and use it in the form of medicine for diabetes


Higher amounts of Vitamin C in Amla enable fighting of infections and the building of the body’s defense mechanism. Its ability to manage blood sugar levels and benefit all types of diabetes has been mentioned in the ancient Ayurvedic texts. It also helps in piles, weight management, improves digestion, good for hair growth and has many more other health benefits of amla.


  1. It is enriched with bioactive compounds and vitamin C to prevent the surge in sugar levels.
  2. It manages the rising cholesterol levels.
  3. It boosts healthy kidney, heart and liver function.
  4. It has enough nutrients to ease digestion and strengthen the gut.

How to Use

You can have ¼ to ½ daily before or after the meal with warm water after the meal. It may be available in the form of powder, capsules, tablets and candy.


It has been found favorite amongst the Gods in the ancient Holy scriptures of Hinduism and further, its use in the treatment of diabetes and its complications has been mentioned in Ancient Ayurvedic medical texts. Jamun is also used as a popular home remedy for arthritis, stomach pain and irregular bowel movement.


  1. It controls the production of urine.
  2. It relieves thirst.
  3. It regulates the production of insulin to manage the rising blood sugar levels.
  4. It manages the lipid level and improves blood circulation and promotes healthy heart functions.

How to Use

Consuming jamun in moderate amounts is necessary to avoid stomach disorders. It is a fruit produced during the late summer and early monsoon. You can have 3 to 4 tablespoons of jamun juice daily or else you can consume in the form of churna regularly between the range of ¼ to ½ teaspoon twice a day.


It is known to be as Madhunashini in Sanskrit, in other words, it is known to be as the destroyer of sugar. The bitterness of this leaf may give an unpleasant taste, but it would be extremely beneficial in reversing several types of disorders and strengthening the immune system.


  1. It reduces the sugar craving.
  2. It lowers the cholesterol levels.
  3. It maximizes the growth of beta cells for insulin production.
  4. It lets the cells of the body respond to the insulin for sugar regulation.
  5. The bioactive compound of Gurmar nourishes the blood vessels and improves the flow of blood and heart functions.

How to Use

You can take 2 grams to 4 grams of gurmar with warm water in the form of tea, and consume it in the form of capsules or tablets. Since it has a sugar-destroying component, you can use the supplement of  Gurmar for 5 to 10 minutes before eating any sweet food.


Just like the bark of the Cinnamon tree or Dalchini, Vijaysar bark has amazing medicinal properties to counterattack the rising blood sugar level and boost excellent health conditions. It is identified as the Indian Kino tree or Malabar tree.


  1. It assists in maintaining blood sugar levels normal.
  2. It reactivates the already damaged pancreatic cells and increases insulin production.
  3. It prevents the rise in bad cholesterol.
  4. It regulates the weight of the body. It does not let the unhealthy weights accumulate in the body.

How to Use

Take 1 to 2 capsules daily anytime of the day to keep your sugar level under control. It can be a part of different formulations and should be taken with the guidance of the physician by determining the rise in sugar levels in the body.


Leaves of the Sadabahar herbal plant promise numerous health benefits. Therefore, Sadabahar has been used since ancient times to enhance insulin levels, remove stones from the kidney, and control rising blood pressure.


Both the leaves and flowers will:

  1. Regulate the rise in sugar levels.
  2. Improve the insulin secretion from the beta cells of the pancreas.
  3. Help in reducing the weight of the person and thus increasing the ability of cells to respond to insulin in case of anyone suffering from diabetic conditions.
  4. Increase immunity.

How to Use

To maintain sugar at a minimum level in the body, consume 1 tablespoon of powdered Sadabahar daily in an empty stomach.


Its relevance lies in the texts of Ayurveda as a climbing herbal plant with numerous medicinal properties. People use giloy during any body weakness and illnesses which may be fever, urinary problems, diarrhea, skin disorders and even diabetes.


  1. Known as Madhunashini or the destroyer of sugar.
  2. Best for both diabetes type 1 and type 2, improves the production of insulin and also makes the cells use the sugar for energy conversion.
  3. It improves vision and prevents different diabetes-related complications that may be occurring in the kidney and ulcers.
  4. Excellent remedy for skin complications that may happen due to a rise in sugar levels.
  5. Best immunity booster during the blood sugar elevations.

How to Use

Depending on the composition with other natural ingredients, you may be using Giloy for improving insulin sensitivity.

Otherwise, you can consume ¼ to ½ of the powder daily with lukewarm water after lunch and dinner every day.


Tulsi is native to the regions under the influence of sub-tropical and tropical climates, it is known as Holy Basil. Its utility for spiritual and religious purposes is widely known all across the world, especially in the religion of Hinduism. It has the potency to improve the health conditions of those who are suffering from different dosha imbalances as per Ayurveda.


  1. It is used for reducing kapha elevation.
  2. It increases the beta cells for insulin production.
  3. It controls the production of the glucose.
  4. It cleanses the bad cholesterol from the body and increases circulation.
  5. Improves the absorption of sugar by the cells.

How to Use

Best way to consume tulsi is by preparing tea by adding tulsi leaves to boiling water.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera grows in dry and semi-arid regions anywhere in the world. It’s capable of attending to different health disorders orally and topically. Directly or blended with other natural ingredients, it can help in relieving external wounds, skin, dental and hair problems and also heal the liver and blood sugar imbalances.


  1. Excellent for pancreas beta cell production.
  2. Improve the use of insulin by the cells for sugar management.
  3. Reduces obesity
  4. Maintaining healthy blood pressure.

How to Use

On a daily basis, you can use 300 mg of Aloe vera. You can prepare juice from the Aloe Vera extracts using different other herbs.


Neem has amazing healing powers which most Indians are familiar with. Its bitterness helps boost a new lease of life for diabetic patients. It protects from different types of infections and wards off any negativity. Since an ancient period in India, it has proven to enhance the spirituality of any person and promote peace and happiness.


  1. Lowers blood sugar levels.
  2. Applicable for both diabetes type 1 and type 2 conditions.
  3. It reduces diabetic sores and heals wounds quickly.
  4. Improves blood circulation by managing cholesterol and improves eyesight.
  5. It resolves numerous problems related to health if taken orally in a moderate way.

How to Use

Use 4 leaves of neem a day for tea, water and meals. Better take advice from the physician regarding the dosage levels for neem. Excessive neem can harm your body with diarrhea, vomiting and death.


The root and berry of Ashwagandha help any person to cope with different types of disorders. It may be stress, blood sugar, sleep disorder, erectile dysfunction, aging and enhanced libido.


  1. In most cases of diabetic conditions, sugar level rises due to stress and anxiety. Proper dosage happens to lower the negative mental conditions.
  2. Lowers down blood sugar levels naturally.
  3. Improves strength and muscles.

How to Use

You can have 250 mg to 3 grams of Ashwagandha on a daily basis. Otherwise, if blended with other natural ingredients, you will have a suitable dosage as per the instructions of the ayurvedic practitioner.


It is the root of the ginger that provides maximum nutritional support to people for different types of diseases that may be related to respiratory. digestion and blood sugar metabolism. It is an effective home remedy for period pain, relieves headaches, coughs.


  1. It reduces the problem of hyperinsulinemia and that is preventing insulin from going beyond normal.
  2. It would not let you suffer from diabetes-related retinopathy or any other complications.
  3. Its gingerol component enables the uptake of sugar by the cells by activating insulin.

How to Use

Studies have noticed that administering 1.6 gms of ginger to a person suffering from diabetes and complications. Within a week, ginger lowers the blood sugar in the body and removes the rest of the toxins from the body and brings relief from diabetes-related joint pain.


Based on its use by different people, Punarnava has been found to have various medicinal properties. It has been found in the wild areas of the central part of India, Madhya Pradesh. It can balance all the doshas and is therefore widely used in healing different types of disorders.


  1. It improves the potency of the liver to enhance the insulin levels.
  2. It stimulates the cells of the body to absorb the excess sugar. It does not let the insulin levels go high.
  3. It brings relief from the stress

How to Use

You must take Punarnava with the consultation of any ayurvedic physician in suitable amounts if mixed with other ayurvedic or allopathic medicines.

However, people have experienced significant reduction in blood sugar levels by consuming 2 to 4 gms daily on an empty stomach.


The root of the Mulethi not only adds flavor to the food you eat but also maintains various curative properties. Therefore, it is added as a spice in cooking in the Middle East and other Asian countries.


  1. It would help in maintaining the sugar level normal.
  2. Reduce the obesity levels.
  3. Reduce insulin resistance and enhance the uptake of sugar by the cells.

How to use

You can buy and use mulethi tea daily during the night or after lunchtime. Or else, you can have 1 to 2 tablets of mulethi daily before the meal with warm water to experience the best recovery results from high blood sugar conditions.


It is used in powdered form to enhance the aroma and flavor of the food. It has been found in different ayurvedic blends for reversing problems of the skin, throat and blood sugar mechanism.


With the clinical studies, it has been proven that jaiphal:

  1. Reduce the blood sugar levels.
  2. Prevents rise in complications.
  3. Bring relief from pain and discomfort in joints during the period of diabetes.
  4. It improves immunity.

How to use

It is easy to use the Jaiphal powder daily with lukewarm water. 1 tablespoon is recommended.


Another herb, Shilajit native to India primarily used for reversing the problem of infertility in men, has also shown successful recovery from diabetic conditions.


  1. Increases insulin sensitivity.
  2. Helps the insulin to regulate the appropriate transformation of sugar throughout the body.
  3. It disintegrates the starch and carbohydrates into sugar and increases the utilization of sugar in the body.

How to use

In the case of diabetic conditions, one should start the dosage between 100mg to 200mg and increase the quantity as directed by the physician.

Amra Beej

Whether it is in unripe or ripe form, it works well enough in altering various problems of health. Not only the seed or fruit but also the leaves, flowers and bark have been found with therapeutic ingredients and Vitamin A, B, Citric acid and Galic acid. Every aspect of mango helps in reversing serious diseases.


  1. It increases the insulin levels.
  2. It reduces the desire to eat sugar.
  3.  Helps in nourishing health with all the necessary nutrients and fiber.
  4.  Regulate weight in the body.

How to use

You can use mango kernel powder for preparing revitalizing tea. It is also available in the market in tablet form blended with other ingredients for managing both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. You can have it once or twice a day after or before the meal.


As we have the risk of suffering from different types of diseases all throughout our lives, the bark of Arjuna herb brings relief from such risks and boosts our immune system.


  1. It would reduce the unhealthy fats and toxic sugar accumulating in the body.
  2. It would prevent the damage of beta cells and increase insulin production.
  3. It helps in regulating the heart.

How to use

You can drink in the form of tea during the night to treat type 1 and type 2 and their respective complications.


The problem of diabetes is not curable. Millions of people are getting affected by diabetes not only through genetic conditions but also due to disorders in lifestyle. People are showing high levels of sugar tolerance symptoms as they increase their dependence on sugar and sweet products and live in a sedentary manner. Most of us are not aware of the diet to manage the rising blood sugar levels. 

You may have to take insulin injections to tackle the sugar elevation and tablets for handling the diabetic complications. However allopathic medicines or methods may not show satisfactory recovery results. On the contrary, healthy improvement has been noted with natural remedies like turmeric, dalchini, methi, karela and amra seeds and barks of different herbal plants. And there are more other remedies to control blood sugar levels like- Vidarikand, Oregano, Sage, Banaba leaf, Bilberry, Grapefruit, Shiitake mushroom, Yarrow and Olive leaf.

You may combine some herbs like neem, karela seed, turmeric and jaiphal in your regular food preparations with or without allopathic medications and help you get appropriate steady recovery. However, you msut be cautious while taking the herbal treatment because excess or anything less may either cause side effects or may not show the right recovery.