Arjuna Benefits For Health

What is Arjuna Herb?

The bark and leaves of the Arjuna herb are empowered with medicinal properties. It has been used since ancient times, which is proven by its name, which relates to the central character of the famous Hindu epic Mahabharata, “Arjuna”. Similar to the character of Arjuna, a symbol of strength, protection, and courage in times of adversity, we come across multitudes of Arjuna herb benefits.

Ayurvedic Properties of Arjuna

Arjuna is among the most powerful ayurvedic herbs. It’s Both the bark and leaves are known to possess natural therapeutic properties. These parts of arjuna are blended with other medicinal herbs to heal:

  • Cardiovascular problems
  • Manages stress
  • Altering wounds
  • Promoting overall wellness

Let’s understand the basic properties of Arjuna bark and its leaves as per Ayurveda.

Arjuna bark

Taste: It has a bitter (tikta) taste, causing a sense of astringency (kashaya). One might get the oral experience of arjuna bark as a pungent one, but it will have an excellent post-digestion effect. It will stimulate the release of digestive juices and normalize bile flow to aid liver function easily.

Guna: It is light in weight and dry in nature.

Virya, or its power: produces cooling (Sheeta) properties.

Impact on dosha: It heals the pitta and kapha imbalances.

Actions: It serves as a tonic for the heart, heals the wound, and reduces the burning sensation.

Arjuna leaves

Rasa, guna, and potency of Arjuna leaves are the same as those of Arjuna bark. It also helps in altering the problems related to pitta and kapha doshas.


It is tested with the properties of the healing wound, managing inflammation with its cooling properties. It also helps in managing dark spots, tanning, or hyperpigmentation.

The secret to Arjuna’s benefits lies in its above-mentioned Ayurvedic properties through its oral and topical uses.

Arjuna Benefits for Health

The bark of Arjuna benefits not only the heart but also supports different parts of the body.

Strong heart function

The rosy bark of Arjuna has been found to have numerous heart-friendly benefits. Its bioactive components aid in cleansing the clogged tissues connecting to the heart. It regulates the lipid level, thus making circulatory conditions normal or active. It lightens the heart by liberating it from any form of emotional pressure and induces prem bhakti, or devotion and love.

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Balanced lung health 

Since arjuna bark has the potency to alleviate excess kapha and pitta doshas, it is therefore administered to the patient who is suffering from inflammatory lungs, which may be accumulated with mucus. Arjuna herb benefits by lowering the inflammatory pitta and cleansing the excess mucus, or kapha. Animal research suggests the use of arjuna bark in blended form with other herbs to reduce asthmatic conditions.

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Regulates blood sugar

Animal research has claimed that a specific bioactive compound of Arjuna benefits for diabetes. It significantly lowers blood sugar levels if taken continuously for 30 days. Its bitter taste would definitely help in lowering the habit of sugar cravings.

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Prevent heart disease

Since arjuna bark is well-proven for strengthening the heart muscles, there might be a possibility of minimizing any type of disorder affecting the cardio. Various bioactive compounds, including tannins and glycosides, aid in eliminating toxins from the blood vessels and heart muscles. It will revitalize the clogged arteries and veins and ease the circulatory system. There would be fewer chances of heart attacks with anyone who is orally using Arjuna.

Controls blood pressure

As Arjuna serves as an appropriate medicinal herb for cardiovascular disorders, it lowers excess blood pressure by neutralizing the toxins present in the blood. Its antioxidant properties will cleanse the blood and enable it to flow smoothly. The patient might feel relief from hypertension and maintain excellent blood vessel health.

May Treat Cancer

Arjuna herb might give relief from the development of cancer or life-threatening tumor cells. The presence of ethanolic, acetone, and bioactive compounds in Arjuna bark increases the chances of eliminating the growth of cancer cells and free radicals. Its cardioprotective property would enable it to control high blood pressure. But then, the effectiveness of Arjuna bark for cancer treatment relies on the advanced level of studies.

Healthy reproductive tissues

Studies have revealed that Arjuna bark has higher amounts of antioxidants and zinc to control the DNA damage of sperm and increase the sperm count. Arjuna bark is also expected to improve the uterus’s health by toning its muscles and controlling excess bleeding and irregularities in the menstrual cycle.

Improves gut health

Selecting unhealthy foods and untimely eating make us go through different forms of stomach disorders. Such stomach disorders may include acid reflux, ulcers, gastritis, and many more severe conditions. The right dosage of Arujna herb may improves your gut health. It has been used since ancient times to combat increasing acidity by improving the level of alkalinity. Arjuna bark has the potency to reduce the harmful bacteria that trigger serious stomach conditions and maintain the lining of the stomach by preserving the wholeness of the gastric mucosa.

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Manages cholesterol levels

High cholesterol levels may strike any person with obesity, cardiovascular diseases, or a sudden heart attack. But Arjuna bark would enable the release of wasteful cholesterol through urine discharge, leading to an elevation in good cholesterol and normalizing body weight. And considerably, you will hardly suffer from any heart disease.

Heals Inflammation

There have not been enough studies done to understand the benefits of arjuna in anti-inflammatory ways. But both the leaves and bark of Arjuna are used for healing inflammatory wounds. Different herbal companies are blending Arjuna with other natural herbs to aid in tissue repair, bringing relief from serious inflammatory conditions like arthritis, venereal, uro-genital, and serious inflammatory skin disorders like eczema, psoriasis, itching, and rashes.

Reduces Stress

Arjuna herb also benefits by reducing oxidative stress. The bark of Arjuna is already known to possess cardioprotective properties. It will never let stress damage heart function. This medicinal herb will also not allow stress and anxiety to take control of the nervous system.

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Prevents chronic diseases

Arjuna herb of any form, be it bark, stem, or leaf, possesses highly active antioxidants to neutralize the harmful radicals that may hamper cellular growth. This medicinal herb would help in rejuvenating the cells, thus preventing the person from suffering from mild to serious forms of chronic diseases.

How do I use Arjuna Herb?

Herbal companies would prepare churna from stem or bark or make kwath, capsule, tablet, or tea. You can use any of them as per your comfort level and as suggested by your ayurvedic doctor.

Arjuna Chaal (bark or stem) churna or powder 

Use 2 to 3 grams of powder with honey or water each time after lunch and dinner.

Arjuna capsule

As per the advice of the doctor, you can use 1 to 2 capsules with milk after lunch and dinner.

Arjuna tablet

You can swallow one tablet with water or milk after lunch and dinner.

Arjuna tea

You can either put one cup of boiling water or milk with 2 grams of Arjuna tea in a cup. Cover it and wait for 4 to 5 minutes until the tea soaks.

Strain it, and then drink it twice a day.

Consult your allopathic doctor before you take Arjuna herb with other modern medicines to stay away from side effects.

Side effects of Arjuna Herb

  1. Side effects may vary from one person to another depending on his or her metabolic activities. 
  2. However, if taken in excess, it may lead to problems like body aches, headaches, feelings of giddiness, and gastric disorders.
  3. It can disrupt the functioning of the kidney and liver.
  4. It is not safe for women during the periods of pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Overall, one can gain Arjuna herb benefits if he or she is using it as per the instructions of an Ayurvedic practitioner or as per the prescribed dosage.


Arjuna, a herb whose qualities identify with the powerful character of the Hindu epic Mahabharata, is empowered with medicinal and life-saving properties. It can be combined with other herbs to heal cardiovascular problems, relieve stress, and promote wellness. Its bark and leaves help with blood sugar regulation, heart disease prevention, blood pressure control, cancer treatment, gut health, and inflammation healing.