Weight loss can be caused by various disorders and aging, as the body’s metabolism struggles to absorb nutrients from food.

Natural Weight Gain Tips with Ayurveda

Ayurveda states that a person might gain or lose weight as per the condition of Vata dosha. Ayurveda offers natural weight gain tips to balance agni, nourish the body with essential nutrients, and combat underweight problems.

Here we discuss effective weight gain tips in an Ayurvedic way:

Calming your mind

Any form of negative thought would block the brain nerves from releasing dopamine and serotonin. Low dopamine and serotonin levels decrease the desire to eat anything.

Or, even if you are eating anything under the influence of restlessness, you will not have proper nourishment through the food. Calming down your mind will activate your brain’s neurotransmitters and stimulate your body towards gaining nourishment and improving weight.

Maintaining a routine

If your body is not tuning to the cyclic patterns of nature, then it will degrade the level of your vata dosha. You will suffer from a loss of appetite. But if you improve your adaptive ability with the cyclic order of nature, then your body’s internal system will synchronize to enhance your appetite and interest in eating nutritious food items.

Regulating your eating habits under specific time conditions will set balance in your nervous system and help you absorb the nutrients needed to build your body.

Doing yoga regularly

Yoga may improve weight in indusually. Performing yoga will not only destress your mind but also send signals to make you feel hungry. There are certain yoga asanas that you can learn from any expert to improve your appetite and regulate your digestive pattern. You will experience a healthy weight gain. 

Supta Baddha Konasana

You will be lying down with your back on the floor, folding your feet inward, and allowing the soles of your feet to touch one another. Allow yourself to breathe deeply and slowly in this reclining pose. It will relax your mind and broaden your chest and shoulders.


You will be breathing in and out deeply while making a pose like a fish. You will first allow yourself to be in Padmasana pose and bend the upper part of your body backward. You can take the expert’s guidance and do it with perfection. This form of yoga pose will regulate your bowel movement and thus improve your appetite.

Viparita Karani

You can practice this inverted yoga posture for 20 minutes by keeping your legs straight, right on the wall, and above your heart. You will have the upper part of your body, up to your waist, on the ground. This yoga will relax your abdominal muscles and calm your mind.

Pawan Muktasana

It is a wind-relieving exercise where you will fold both of your knees, bring them close to the upper part of your body, and raise your head to touch the knees. It is one of the highly recommended weight-gain tips to release toxins and raise muscles and stamina. It will resolve any type of stomach problem, be it constipation, bloating of the stomach, or gas.

Getting adequate rest and sleep

Taking enough restful and quality sleep for 8 hours every day would improve your blood circulation, manage your stress level effectively, and help the body absorb nutrients easily. Sleeping late at night and going through interrupted sleep patterns would disrupt the internal processes of your body and cause indigestion and poor mental health. Consequently, you will suffer a loss of nutrients in your body and have a sickly appearance. 

Eating three meals a day

Setting a routine or eating at a fixed time three times a day would ensure proper nourishment for your body. On the contrary, not eating at the right time would cause unrest in your mind and imbalances in your healthy hormones. Eating slowly and attentively would revitalize your taste buds, activate digestive enzymes, and make you feel full.

Herbs for excellent weight management

Ayurveda highlights various weight-enhancing herbs that would yield excellent results with easy oral intake:


Ashwagandha has no direct connection with weight gain, but consuming ashwagandha with milk enables you to gain strength, stamina, and nourishment with proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, iron, calcium, and vitamin C. A combination of this herb and milk will protect the neurons in your brain and relieve you from any form of negative emotion. It will enable you to fight the rise in glucose levels and may help you gain a healthy weight.


Shatavari has also been found to have revitalizing and body-building properties. Adding it to milk will have a faster weight-gaining effect. It will boost stamina for fighting infections and stimulate your weight-gain process. 


You are not going to gain weight if your digestive system is not in good condition. Using Yashtimadhu, you will have a strong digestive system. And so, it would be one of the most productive weight-gain tips for you.


You can follow one of these effective weight-gain tips by using chyawanprash daily with honey. It will help in gaining strength in bones and enhancement in muscles.


One of the most effective weight-gain tips is to use ghee every day during a meal. It will nourish your body with natural fats and fat-soluble vitamins A, E, and D. You will gain high calories and body-building benefits from its fatty acid composition. You can consume ghee at any time of the day.

It will enhance your digestive agni and improve your vata dosha. You can enjoy the flavor and taste of the ghee by pouring it on hot chapati, rice, dal, or any form of hot lentil curry. You can add ghee to milk to boost your energy levels in the morning and even during the night with your food. It will help in improving your digestion and calming your mind to gain uninterrupted, healthy sleep.

Food and diet

Concerning the fact of knowing easy weight gain tips, it is more important to select the appropriate ingredients in your regular meal than spend time exercising every day.

Dairy products

You must not miss out on drinking full cream milk or eating cottage cheese, butter, and different dairy products regularly. You can prepare protein shakes and smoothies with dairy products at home to increase your muscles.

Nuts and dry fruits

Eating almonds, raisins, peanuts, and walnuts with milk will have quicker weight-gaining effects.


Carbohydrates, proteins, and vitamins are known to facilitate nourishment for your body. You will get all these nutrients by eating boiled potatoes regularly and gaining weight faster.


Eating two bananas daily will also serve as a successful weight-gain tip. It is high in carbs, potassium, and iron, which ensures a good red blood cell count and muscular growth.

Enhancing your appetite

Under the influence of aromatic spices like cinnamon, clove, fennel, peppermint, and coriander, if added to any form of meal, you will develop the urge and interest to eat. It will also work as one of the positive weight-gain tips. Eating anything bitter like karela and neem would revitalize your taste buds and your desire to eat a next-level meal.

There’s a popular Bengali cuisine called shukto, prepared with drumsticks, karela, brinjal, taro root, and potatoes, served at the beginning of any meal to enhance the appetite.

So, try to implement the above-mentioned weight-gain tips in your daily life to improve your quality of life and boost your immune system.


Being underweight is not a sign of good health. Metabolic disorders and aging play a significant role in causing unhealthy weight loss. Ayurveda emphasizes balancing Agni, nutrient absorption, and combating underweight issues.

Weight management involves maintaining a routine, practicing yoga, getting adequate rest, and eating three meals daily. Ayurvedic herbs and ingredients enhance appetite and promote overall health.