Male fertility and ability to conceive are demonstrated by the quality of their semen. In most cases of infertility, females are burdened with the inability to produce a child. But medical science has proven how contribution or responsibility lies with the male to gain the road to parenthood through successful intercourse sessions with his female partner. If the sperm count is low, the chances of women conceiving would decrease. 

Natural Remedies and Lifestyle Changes to Boosts Sperm Count

The process of conception and giving birth to a healthy child relies on the combination of sperm discharged from the urethra and ovum from the ovary. 

Different methods of diagnosis and treatment are used to evaluate women’s fertility. Nonetheless, the number, motility, and quality of the sperm determine its overall health. Let’s get into detail concerning the low sperm count and how it can be resolved to increase the chances of pregnancy.

What is Meant by Low Sperm Count?

For any male, low sperm count is a problem. Low sperm count is identified If there are significantly fewer sperm than usual—15 million sperm per milliliter, for example, or less than 39 million sperm per ejaculation. In many cases, several men do not have sperm at all.

How Common is It?

Sperm count may not be the same in every male. It may vary depending on the genetic background, dietary intake and climatic conditions.

Relevant information concerning the sperm count

  • Normal condition of sperm count and that may be 15 million sperm per milliliter of sperm. The total of the entire sperm per ejaculation is seen as 39 million sperm.
  • Volatility of the sperm in any male is about its potency to make the female partner pregnant. Chances of conception will lower with low sperm count.
  • Conditions influencing the fluctuations in the sperm count and may be the quality of food, exercise or yoga and the extent of dependency on alcohol, nicotine or any addictive substance.
  • Conducting studies related to the type of sperm, its motility and shape, and also involving the potency of males in the process of reproduction.
  • Studying the medical conditions of males in the way of sexual performance with their respective partners.
  • Proceeding with the treatment of the males after assessing their fertility status.

Potential Causes

It is indeed important to understand the important reasons behind the low sperm count. It will help us determine the factors causing impotence in men and how it might be weakening the relationship with their partner. Depending on the factors, the physician would conclude with any fertility treatment.

Major Factors of Low Sperm Count Are;

Low Testosterone Level

Testosterone hormone has been detected to impact the sperm count of any male. However, males with increasing age do not experience a rise in testosterone and so the sex drive gets weakened.He will meet with a low sperm count due to testosterone imbalance. Other associated hormones impacting the performance ability of men are follicle-stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone. Any form of abnormality in such hormones may not contribute to letting the man have a healthy sperm count.

Poor Genetic Conditions

In the sperm produced by certain males, certain biological defects have been observed that may have been inherited from their blood relations. According to expert studies, it could be one factor influencing low sperm production in males.

Poor Erections

Erectile dysfunction is one of the major factors that may not help the male achieve long-lasting performance on the bed. Not letting the blood flow to the penis does not let the person have a strong erection. As a result, he will suffer from premature ejaculation and will have a hard time satisfying his partner in bed. And so, achieving parenthood would be a distant dream in such cases.

Infection in the Genital Area

Many males suffer from sexual diseases and that might endanger their fertility chances and be a threat to their conjugal lives. The reason is the microbes causing sexually transmitted diseases happen to impair the tissues and nerves in the reproductive area and damage the quality of sperm production.


An obese man has been found not doing well in their daily life due to multiple health problems related to heart, liver, stomach and kidney. Cardiovascular disorders and rising sugar levels of obese man have not let them establish healthy relationships with their spouses.

It had been hard for them to have kids and enjoy long-lasting performances with their partners. Low sperm counts have been observed in obese individuals. Any male who has excess body fat may convert it to estrogen or other hormones similar to those found in women, which makes it harder for the male face to produce enough and healthy sperm. So it is very important to focus on your weight management.

Excess Dependence on Prohibited Drugs and Alcohol

Researchers have found that the consumption of alcohol and drugs has influenced lowering the potential of men to produce children. Drinking in excess has never made any man healthy and have a good number of healthy sperms. Rather, it damages the tissues and cells of the penile area, weakens the erection, disrupts the sex hormone production and thus causes complications in sperm production.

Natural Remedies for Boosting Sperm Count

It has been since the ancient period, people have been using herbal and traditional medicines for treating infertility in both men and women.

Quite recently, natural remedies have gained popularity and are in demand as the results have been found effective in healing low sperm count and impotence in men from the root level.

Natural remedies for overcoming low sperm count have been discussed in relevant points below:

Increasing the Intake of Fenugreek

You would not have to consume fenugreek seeds directly to increase sperm count and enhance fertility. Soak the seeds in the water, strain them the next day, and drink the water on an empty stomach in the early morning hours. 

Otherwise, 5 to 10 gms of methi or fenugreek powder is sufficient for boosting the reproductive health of any male. Further, you can take guidance from any healthcare provider for suggestions regarding the dosage for increasing sperm count.

Obtain Adequate Vitamin D

Increased dosages of calcium and vitamin D supplements have been shown by researchers to improve men’s reproductive health, particularly in cases of erectile dysfunction and early ejaculation. Structure, motility, and count of sperm are all improved by vitamin D and calcium intake. You can take the dosage on your reproductive health condition if you receive expert guidance.

Enhance the Consumption of Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha extract has been used by practitioners to increase men’s and women’s stamina since ancient times. Many find relief from headaches and severe stress by using this ayurvedic herb which is prescribed in the ancient texts of Ayurveda. It speeds up the blood circulation and boosts testosterone. Males would use 675 milligrams to experience a hike in their sperm count of more than 160%. 

Improve the Quantity of Antioxidants

Increasing the quantity of vitamins and minerals like beta-carotene, beta-crypto xanthene, lutein and Vitamin C enhance the potency of sperm to fertilize any egg discharged by the ovary during physical contact. Also it does increase the sex power in men naturally.

Boost Consumption of Healthy Fats

The count and quality of sperm can both be enhanced by fatty acids omega 3 and omega 6. When consumed in the right amounts, salmon, trout, walnuts, canola oil, juices, and yogurts can satisfy a man’s desire to have physical intercourse with his partner. He is going to be able to increase his sperm count.

Keep Away From Soy and Estrogen-rich Foods

As we happen to consume soy products, these products may not be good for males who are suffering from low sperm count or impotence. Soy products would not be of any help to the males because these food items are rich in estrogen. 

Have Sufficient Folate and Zinc

Folate, a type of folic acid combined with zinc can enhance manhood potency, and boost testosterone and sperm count. One can take supplements of zinc and folate to improve the structure of sperm and its motility. Sunflower seeds, leafy greens, beans and peanuts have good amounts of such nutrients to make the man sexually healthy and strong to perform in bed and have excellent potency.

Consuming Maca Roots

A herb, growing in the high Andes mountains has been suitable for the males struggling with low sperm count. One can use it to boil and prepare drinks or porridge to boost libido and sex drive. However, there is no assurance that these maca roots will help in strengthening the erection. It will nourish your health with vitamin C, copper and iron apart from being an aphrodisiac food.

Considering African Mulondo Herb

Men who struggle with sexual disabilities can benefit from it. For many men, the issues are weak erection, low testosterone, and low sperm count. African Mulondo is one of the best natural herbs to boost sex drive and  libido in men, by using this natural herb, thousands of men with spermatogenesis problems have recovered without any negative side effects. 

Snacking on Walnuts

It is the blend of polyunsaturated fats and omega-3 fatty acids in walnuts which increases sperm count and testosterone in any male. It helps in cleansing the blockage in the tissues in the penile area and boosting the easy flow of semen.

Lifestyle Changes for Optimal Sperm Production

It is not an easy way to obtain healthy sperm without finding the errors we are committing in our daily lives. Maybe we are selecting the right food, or maybe we are not good in terms with our partners. 

The best possible lifestyle changes one might await for optimal sperm production are:

  1. Eating a diet rich in vitamins, minerals and wholegrains with antioxidants enriched fruits. These fruits are guava, avocado, blueberries and bananas.
  2. Adopting protective measures during sexual intercourse sessions. Using condoms and being in a monogamous relationship can prevent the spread of sexual infection.
  3. Help in balancing the hormones to stop the impotence in men.
  4. Reducing the stress from the body and mind. Adopting healthy hobbies that can help you balance your body, mind and spirit.
  5. Get balanced and healthy sleep, as well as keep your body hydrated throughout the day to maintain your energy.
  6. Get rid of alcohol consumption, this a major thing to avoid to have a better sex life, Also keep control on your smoking habits and replace them with some healthy activities.

When to Seek Experts Help

If you are planning towards the road to parenthood and have not yet gotten conceived even after trying for unprotected sex for over a year then you must get in touch with a certified physician or doctor.

Furthermore, you should not waste time without consulting a professional if you experience any difficulties at all during the performance period, such as early discharge, a weak erection, or even being apart from your partner.


Low sperm counts affect fertility and partner relationships. But one might not lose hope without understanding which factors are influencing fluctuations in sperm among males. It may include poor food quality lack of, exercise, yoga, and substance dependency. Natural remedies include fenugreek, vitamin D, ashwagandha, antioxidants, healthy fats, and avoiding soy and estrogen-rich foods. Seeking a doctor’s advice will involve a thorough check-up regarding your reproductive health, impotence and prescribing medications and effective fertility treatments.