Owing to their extraordinary medicinal qualities, Safed Musli roots are in high demand worldwide. In India, its leaves are cooked and eaten by people locally and its roots are used for preparing tonic or powder.

Safed Musli Benefits for Health

Study how Safed Musli benefits through Ayurveda for problems related to sexual dysfunction, physical weakness and when toxic fats accumulate in the body.

What is Safed Musli?

Grown in wilderness areas of India as a white herb, its roots are used for different medicinal recipes. It is identified as Divya aushad or white gold.

Research has been continuing to understand how Safed Musli benefits every person as a revitalizer, stamina booster and reversing sexual impotence in men.

Ayurvedic Classification of Safed Musli

Ayurvedic classification of Safed musli is determined by its rasayanic properties which may be as per the:

Flavor (Rasa)It has a pleasant taste, unlike any other bitter medicine. 
Vigour (Virya)With its cooling properties, it will calm down the mind. It will bring relief from depression and anxiety.
Outcome after digestion (Vipaka)It eases digestion followed by retaining sweet flavor on the tongue. It happens to improve stamina, rejuvenating the tissues of both men and women and improving the sexual potency of males.
Impact on doshaThe denser and heavier effects of Safed Masli would counteract with drier, colder and lighter vata dosha.
The anti-inflammatory and cooling effects of Safed Masli is known for combating elevated inflammation or intensely heating pitta dosha.
Grade (Guna)Guna or standard attached to the safed musli is its heaviness which is determined by the combination of nutrients like alkaloids, vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and higher percentages of simple sugars.
Overall effect (prabhava)The effect of Safed Masli is its aphrodisiac properties to improve the sexual potency of males and stimulate the production of breast milk in new mothers.

Though there may be numerous Safed Musli benefits as determined through Ayurvedic, Unani and Homeopathic treatments, it would be always better to consult the physician before using it orally.

Safed Musli Benefits for Health

Safed musli is one of the most powerful ayurvedic herbs, it benefits are plenty that have been discovered through research and therapeutic practices:

Weight management

It will be beneficial for the person who is malnourished or underweight. The roots of the Safed musli will nurture the body with its nutrients and help gain a healthy weight. One can have one spoon of Safed musli tonic with milk before going to bed at night.

Safed Musli benefits for male

This white herb has enough antioxidants to improve the percentage of testosterone, and performance of males. To gain sexual potency and improve the sperm count and its quality, males can take either musli pak (blended and processed with different herbs) or churna or powder. Even it will heal the problems of erection and combat premature ejaculation.

safed musli tablets

Try Safed Musli Tablets

Good for Diabetes 

Safed Musli is very effective in diabetes management, as you will be consuming Safed musli or musli pak according to the recommended dosage, you will experience a balance in blood sugar level. Safed musli will stimulate the pancreatic beta cells to increase insulin levels. Unlike letting sugar go into the bloodstream, Musli helps stimulate in proper utilization of sugar by the cells for transformation into energy.

Help in Arthritis 

It is one of the best home remedies for Arthritis pain, It brings relief from inflammatory pain and swelling during the period of arthritis conditions with its cooling properties. Natural antibiotics and vitamins of Safed musli act against the inflammation-triggering agents in the joints, reduce stiffness and stimulate flexibility.

May increase breast milk production

It is one of the important Safed Musli benefits noticed when consumed blended with one glass of milk and one teaspoonful of jeera. Adding one spoonful of Safed musli powder or paste by adding it to milk will stimulate the mammary glands of new mothers in the secretion of milk.

Boost Natural Immunity

Bioactive elements of Safed Musli increase immunity levels in the body. Combining with ashwagandha and other revitalizing herbs, it will increase the stamina and inner strength of the person.

May Relief Diarrhoea

It would bring relief from acute diarrhea by destroying the toxins and germs in the intestines. As a result, one would be free from the frequent discharge of loose stool followed by the foul smell generated by it. And so, Safed Musli benefits also in bringing other intestinal infections under control.

May Help in Stress

One gets into a stressful situation that may turn into acute depression and anxiety due to a rise in vata dosha. The regular recommended dosage of Musli in paste, powder or tonic lowers the stress triggering hormone or cortisol to subside naturally. It raises the stamina or the power to resist harmful bioactive stressors.

Good for Muscle building

Safed Musli benefits also gymgoers and exercise enthusiasts in building muscles in their bodies. Blended with other herbs like Kaunj beej, Shilajit and Saffron will yield excellent body-building results and thus appear useful for people who are into regular sports or body-building activities. Its antioxidant property helps in altering muscle sprains and stiffness and aids in flexing muscles easily.

Enhances Cardiac Functioning

High cholesterols, blood pressure and oxidative stress cause poor cardiovascular conditions in any person. Safed Musli consumed in paste, tonic or capsule forms will give relief from an increase in lipid levels and raise the strength of the heart muscles. Its abundance of antioxidants or nitric oxide will minimize blockage and ease blood circulation, thus leading to easy breathing. One would experience Safed Musli benefits with a risk-free and healthy heart.

How to Use Safed Musli? 

One can increase or decrease the quantity of Safed Musli by determining his or her age, stamina and type of illness.

The doctor would prescribe the dosage level by diagnosing the health condition of the patient and determining his or her age and capacity.


In an entire day, an adult should not consume beyond 12 gm. Normally, he or she should take 3 to 6 gms of herb with one glass of milk.


Persons belonging to this specific age group are advised to take 1.5 gm to 2 gms of Safed Musli powder.

Side Effects of  Safed  Musli

Certain side effects of safed musli have been confirmed with excess usage:

  • Abnormal weight gain: Because of its heaviness, it causes vata elevation and that can make the person gain weight excessively. 
  • Discomfort during digestion; Heaviness and oiliness of Safed Musli do not pass through the intestine easily. One should not take this herb during any liver disorder without consulting the doctor.
  • Appetite loss: It would not suit someone who is a food lover and wants to gain weight. 
  • Not recommended for pregnant women: Though it may have good results when taken by mothers after childbirth. It may show up with good results if taken by the pregnant woman. A doctor’s consultation may help in a better way.

To conclude further, whatever Safed Musli benefits may be for anyone, may turn out to be side effects for another.


Safed Musli, a white Indian herb, has medicinal properties in Ayurveda, including cooling and anti-inflammatory effects. It improves male sexual potency, stimulates breast milk production, and aids weight management, diabetes, and arthritis. Not every patient may show similar responses by using Safed Musli. For instance, if it is well suited for lactating mothers, it may have negative effects on women before childbirth. Hence, a doctor’s advice is much needed before use.