Our body requires a balanced diet with nutrients like carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Health Benefits of Kaunch Beej Uses, Side Effects, and More

However, the body experiences changes due to seasonal changes, which may be in the form of different disorders and pandemics. But a lentil like Kaunch Beej, a product of mother nature, has numerous medicinal properties to offer. 

What is Kaunch Beej?

Kaunch Beej is one of the most powerful ayurvedic herbs in the vajikaran, which specializes in improvment of sexual health and potency. It grows in the tropical environment of India, China, and other warm countries of Asia, Africa, and America up to 15 meters. It happens to play an important role in Ayurveda to control blood sugar and heart problems and improve kidney functions. Its most consumable part is the hairy brown seed pod, which consists of four to six seeds. Seeds of tamarind-like pods become consumable after boiling and draining for 8 hours.

Though underrated and not as popular, it can be used like chickpeas, moong dal, and kidney beans in preparing different recipes.

Ayurvedic Profile of Kaunch Beej

The ayurvedic profile of Kaunch Beej is determined by rasa, guna, virya, vipaka, and influences on doshas.

RasaIt will remain on your tongue with sweetness.
GunaOiliness and heaviness are found in its quality.
ViryaIt causes itching and inflammation if it directly comes into contact with the skin.
VipakaIts post-digestion effect is madhur, or sweet.
DoshasIt would aid in balancing vata and kapha doshas and, to a certain extent, also bring pitta dosha under control.

And how it can impact the body and mind as a whole in the following ways:

AphrodisiacIt increases libido in both men and women.
BalyaIt promotes strength in the body.
VrushyaIt is considered to be spermatogenic. It improves the quality and quantity of the sperm count.
MedhaIt works as an effective brain tonic by revitalizing the brain nerves and increasing intellectual capacity.
NidrajananaIt does improve the quality of sleep.
Vrana RopanaIt can be used topically to recover from various wounds.
AnulomanaIt eases the bowel movements.

Health Benefits of Kunch Beej

1. Alters intestinal problems

Regularly incorporating Kaunch Beej into your diet can help with digestion. It regulates the production of bacteria in the digestive system to eliminate the toxic matter and prevent the person from suffering from vitamin B complexes, vitamin E, vitamin C, fiber, and iron. It will not let the problems of acidity, heart disease, and bloating rise.

It protects the gastrointestinal gut. It enriches the bloodstream with nutrients like vitamin E, C, and B-complex vitamins, iron, calcium, fiber, and unsaturated fats, and strengthens the tissues connected to the heart, liver, kidney, and brain.

2. Facilitates amino acids

The presence of amino acids in Kaunch Beej increases hair growth, helps in the formation and repair of muscles and tissues, and stimulates flawless skin. It assists in building strong teeth and enamel.

3. Prevent diabetes-related complications.

Even though it is high in carbs and calories, it amazingly prevents diabetes related complications. A high percentage of bioactive chemicals like tannins, polyphenols, and phytates aid in slowing down the digestion process and thus preventing further rises in blood sugar and eliminate unhealthy fats.

4. Strengthens bone density

Kaunch Beej is high in calcium, and thus it becomes useful in nourishing and strengthening the bones of people of all ages. However, middle-aged and elderly people must eat it in measured amounts to prevent complications in the kidney and gastrointestinal areas.

5. Alters anemic conditions

Iron deficiency causes low hemoglobin levels and thus gives rise to anemic conditions and different life-threatening conditions related to the blood and liver. But Kaunch Beej, being highly resourceful in iron, can meet the deficiency of iron in the body, increase hemoglobin production, and detoxify the liver.

6. Revitalizes heart health

Kaunch beej, otherwise known as cowhage and kodo millets, is a magical velvet bean. Percentages of glycemic index, sodium, and saturated fats in Kaunch Beej are negligible. So, there is no fear of a rise in cholesterol levels blocking the tissues connecting to the heart. It removes the toxic cholesterol from the body and makes the heart healthy.

7. Safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women

The abundance of calcium and iron in Kaunch Beej aids in nourishing the expecting mother and her fetus. It enhances the lactation ability of any woman post-childbirth. 

8. Regulates irritable bowel syndrome

Maintaining the habit of eating high-fiber foods would increase fecal bulk and thus ease its movement through the anal channel. Kaunch Beej is higher in fiber compared to any other wholegrain cereal, which may be barley, wheat, or oats. 

9. Meets nutritional requirements

It’s high in protein and other nutrients, as mentioned above, so it acts as a superfood for growing children. It will help keep elderly people physically and mentally active who suffer from a deficiency of nutrients in their bodies as they age.

10. Boost a healthy nervous system.

Eating Kaunch Beej helps revitalize the brain nerves and activate memory. It gives rise to serotonin because of the presence of amino acids and thus helps in promoting the relaxation of the mind and body.

11. Heightens sexual performance in men

It is a powerhouse of antioxidants, and that makes Kaunch Beej a highly searchable aphrodisiac ingredient amongst the other sex-enhancing herbs. It helps in recovering from weak erections by increasing the flow of blood in the penis and stimulating reproductive ability by increasing the sperm count.

12. Reduces symptoms of depression

It does help in activating the neurotransmitters in the brain and thus makes the person capable of discarding lethargy, or tamas, and acting in the sattvic state of mind. It will reverse the negativity rising in your brain and aid in sharpening your intellectual ability.

Side effects of Kunch Beej

There may be conditions with potential side effects that vary from one person to another.

1. Stomach disorders

One might suffer from discomforting conditions in the stomach, such as bloating, gas, or discomfort, after consuming such dietary fiber.

2. An uneasy feeling in the chest

One might experience uneasiness in the chest after consuming Kaunch Beej. It may arise due to heightened levels of insensitivity or allergic reactions.

3. Sleeplessness

Even though there is not enough information to support raising the problem of insomnia, However, there might be a risk of stomach disorders if consumed in higher concentrations or quantities. It might disrupt your sleep in a worse way. 

4. Delusion

There is no proven evidence that Kaunch Beej causes delusions or hallucinations. However, limiting the consumption of Kaunch seeds might be recommended in such cases.

5. Abnormal body movement

There is no such information reported regarding the Kaunch Beej causing abnormal body movement. Even if it may occur, it may be rare, and that too might be happening due to any underlying medical condition or combining it with any other allopathic medicine.

6. Might affect the kidney

Due to excess calcium in the Kaunch Beej, the kidneys might be the worst hit. So any kidney patient must stay away from using it. Otherwise, it can cause levels of toxicity in the kidney and make him or her suffer from kidney stones.


As a superfood

You can use Kaunch Beej in your daily meal by measuring your tolerance level for it by:

  1. In the form of cereal like wheat by grounding the seeds and preparing roti.
  2. Prepare porridge and make it tasty by adding any sweetener, like maple syrup or honey.
  3. Eat it in the form of rice with curries and stir-fries.
  4. Using it as an ingredient for stew or soup.
  5. It can be used as a beverage, like roasted coffee beans.

Oral medicine

Powder: You can take ¼ to ½ teaspoons of powder twice daily, before or after the meal.

Capsule: You can also take 1–2 capsules or tablets daily, depending on your requirements.

For Topical Application

You can mix the Kaunch Beej powder with milk and apply it locally to your physical wounds or bruises. You can wash it off with lukewarm water after 5 to 7 minutes.


Kaunch Beej, a versatile superfood and Ayurvedic medicine, is widely used for its potential to improve various disorders like heart, nerve, intellectual, and kidney issues. It is empowered with antioxidants, which help enhance sperm count. And stimulate women’s wellness, although some may lack tolerance due to metabolic conditions.