Testosterone, arousal hormone and source of manhood, significantly gets lower with increasing age, stress, alcoholism, smoking and wrong food habits. It makes many men suffer from low stamina and face disappointment with poor stamina and early ejaculation. Loss of stamina has been also noticed in obese men due to stress from the cardiovascular system, hormonal irregularities and controlled physical activity.

There are certain techniques, medications and food items that can increase stamina in men. Let’s explore the following points which can enable long-lasting and satisfying experiences:

Here are 15 Easy Ways to Boost Stamina in Men:

1. Kegel Exercises

The purpose of performing kegel exercises is to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. You need to lie or sit down and hold your pelvic muscles for a few seconds and release them. The process of holding and releasing makes the pelvic floor muscles shrink and then expand. This is how you are going to experience the contraction and expansion of pelvic floor muscles. Such exercises would increase stamina in men along with sex time.

2. Masturbation Techniques

One of the easy masturbation techniques to increase stamina in men is edging. It involves delaying the process of arousal. It would help in gaining control over the climax point by slowing the ejaculation. Applying this technique regularly will surely enhance your endurance capacity. You will no longer face the problem of early discharge.

3. Communication

Exchanging dialogues with your partner will help boost your confidence and strengthen the bond with your partner. Being transparent in the relationship about the challenges you might be facing on the bed will help resolve faster and act instantly. You will get the opportunity to know your partner in a better way by striking up a conversation and expressing your desires and understanding your partner’s needs. Exchanging thoughts will reduce your depression and anxiety and thus encourage you to recover from early ejaculation

4. Stress and Anxiety Management

Stress puts pressure on the brain and tires the bones and muscles. Anxiety lowers confidence and builds negativity in the body and mind and deprives the man of experiencing long-lasting pleasure in bed. Practicing mindfulness, meditation and yoga will control your senses and negative thoughts. Such techniques will build stamina in men.

5. Anesthetic Products and Condoms

Anesthetic products have the potential to desensitize the penile nerves and extend the intercourse session. Even using condoms will have a numbing effect on your penis and make you sexually active with your partner for a longer time. You would be able to delay the ejaculation and have long-lasting pleasure.

6. Prescription or Ayurvedic Medicines

Attending to improving stamina and delaying ejaculation is necessary with medications if such problems become regular. You can contact healthcare professionals and find suitable prescription medicines for increasing your stamina and performance. It has been clinically proven both Liv Muztang and Sandy Rx improve stamina in men. Such ayurvedic medicines are made from natural aphrodisiac herbs like Mulondo, Kaunj beej, Satavar, Ashwagandha, Gokshur and Shilajit. Ayurvedic blends would increase penis and size capacity to perform in bed and aid in releasing stress, self-doubt and anxiety.

7. Therapy and Counseling

A professional sex therapist can identify your strengths and weaknesses or figure out the causes of low stamina lying within you. You would be suggested different alternative coping mechanisms and maybe also prescribed medications for activating your neurotransmitters for extended periods of sexual activities

8. Practice and Patience

The trial and error method involves the use of different techniques, positions and approaches to deal with poor performance and early ejaculation. Through trial and error techniques, one can identify the shortcomings in his sexual ability. He would be able to evolve through such practices and gather patience. He would be able to refine his skills and that might help in enhancing the performance and gaining long-lasting satisfaction.

9. Start and Stop Technique

The start and stop technique is known to increase stamina in men. Applying this technique, he will be able to build his endurance levels and satisfy his partner in a better way. He would have to pause and control his arousal the moment he reached the orgasm and then start once the arousal subsided. This technique will help the man to manage the arousal effectively and prolong the intercourse session.

10. Diet and Lifestyle Alterations

Changes in diet and lifestyle are important factors in helping men have more sex endurance. Reproductive health and energy levels are supported by eating a balanced diet high in nutrients including zinc, vitamin C, and omega-3 fatty acids. Frequent exercise strengthens the heart and increases endurance, which boosts stamina overall. Better sexual function is also influenced by abstaining from tobacco, and alcohol, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

11. Listening to Music

Listening to Music

Listening to music is important to soothe your brain nerves, relax your mind and increase your testosterone levels. Men feel drawn towards unsophisticated forms of music which may be quite different from any woman. They prefer listening to heavy metal, hip hop and soft rock. However, some men might prefer listening to any music that may be soothing to their ears and mind. 

12. Playing Outdoor Games

Playing Outdoor Games

Playing any outdoor activity or game like football, basketball, soccer, tennis and running will increase your muscle strength and performance stamina. These games will improve your respiratory activity and heart health. Testosterone will naturally rise with regular outdoor activity. You will find relieved from stress and overcome the problem of early ejaculation and erectile weakness.

13. Enjoy Caffeine Intake

Enjoy Caffeine Intake

Drinking tea or coffee will relax your muscles and reduce your stress levels. It will improve the flow of blood in the penis and strengthen your erection. However, avoid adding sugar and even milk to tea or coffee to improve your overall sex power.

14. Adequate sleep

Adequate sleep

A maximum of 7 to 8 hours of sleep during the night will help in getting rid of fatigue and tiredness gathered during the day-long work. Adequate sleep will balance hormones, repair tissues and regulate the circulatory system. It will build new strength and energy in your muscles and reduce the problem of early ejaculation. One can perform for a longer time with fresh and renewed energy and confidence.


Stamina and source of manhood lies in the rise of testosterone hormone. This sex hormone is not same throughout the lifetime of man. Testosterone decreases with age, stress, alcoholism, smoking, and poor food habits, causing low stamina in men. Low stamina hampers the sexual life of man by causing early ejaculation. Different therapies, counseling and physical exercises can boost the stamina in men.