There are literally uncountable benefits of regular exercise in your daily life and overall health and wellness as you age and grow old. In fact one of the benefits of regular exercise in your daily life as you age is that you don’t even feel old.

In a fitting wellness quote by Edward Smith Stanley famously said “Those who do not find time for exercise will have to find time for illness.” Regular physical activity helps you with healthy weight management, reduces risks of diseases and infections, improves your brain functions and strengthens your muscles and bones.

The Benefits of Regular Exercise in Your Daily Life

To name a few health benefits of regular physical activity in diseases, it is known for a fact that it can lower your blood sugar level, help with chronic joint pain and arthritis, improves your heart health, enhances blood circulation, boosts immunity and reduces chances of stroke.

In terms of lifestyle changes and holistic health benefits, regular exercise can boost your self esteem, improves your mood, keeps you happy, makes you feel positive, keeps you brimming with energy, improves quality of sleep and reduces stress.

Without any further ado, let’s delve deep down into the benefits of regular physical activity of exercise in our daily life.

1. Aids in Weight Management

Weight management is a key part of a healthy life style. A person who is inactive gains weight and develops various chronic illnesses related to the heart, kidney, and digestive systems. 

In addition to performing intense exercises using your whole body, you can also engage in resistance training under the guidance of a trainer using free weights, medicine balls, and suspension equipment to build muscle, lose extra body fat, and prevent heart-related issues.

2. Keeps You Fit

Regular physical activity not only boost your muscle strength and increase athletic performance but also enable you to gain a strong defense mechanism. 

The impact of exercise lies in distributing the nutrients from the food you eat in the body in the right order. 

Otherwise, sedentary habits do not let your digestion process work properly and deprive you of nourishment. 

Sitting for long hours will cause bloating of the stomach and acidity problems.

But exercise will relieve all such disruption arising from the body and keep you fit. 

Any Yoga expert would advise on doing Vajrasana or Ananda balasana after having your meal to prevent bloating of the stomach and related indigestion disorders.

3. Manages Your Stress Level

It is important to manage your stress level. Participating in aerobic exercise or any asana of yoga will stimulate in release of endorphin hormones from the brain nerves.

Endorphin, a group of hormones secreted by the adrenal glands stimulates the awakening of a sense of happiness and boosts self-confidence.

After spending time on the playground in football, badminton or any type of outdoor activity or simply doing a walk for half a kilometer, you will forget about dwelling in negative thoughts or anything that irritates you most of the time. 

You will have a more relaxed mind and that will be shaping your positive thinking habit.

4. Alleviates Depression and Anxiety

Any psychologist would suggest going to a gym or joining any institute where one can engage in different sports activities.

Exercise not only helps in building the body but promotes mental wellness as well. Most of us have a lot of challenges in our lives at a personal or professional level. 

But not being able to meet the challenges disappoint us and that makes us depressed or sad and sometimes we are tempted to take any violent step against ourselves or anyone in the surrounding by hurting ourselves or anyone. 

Exercise will aid in diminishing the mental illness anyone might be going through, balance his or her mind and improve social behavior. 

The person affected by any form of mental illness will act positively. Exercise will make your brain active and thus develop your thinking potency.

5. Builds Muscle Mass and Strength

Building muscle mass and strength is something many of us aspire to. You can get attracted to it if you want to boost your athletic performance or just to look fit and handsome. I am not kidding when I say that many of us also hit the gym for that physique that impresses and attracts the opposite sex.

With regular and rigorous physical exercise be it aerobics, a zumba session of sweating it out in a gymnasium, one can stay at the top of the fitness food chain and reap an array of health benefits in the process as well that are associated with vigorous exercise.

With an hour of rigorous physical activity daily dedicated to muscle mass and muscle strength building, we not only enjoy toned, pumped up and muscular outlook but can also improve our blood circulation, reduce heart related risks, strengthen our bone and muscles, improves lung health, increase stamina, slows down aging process and reduce stress which keeps us happy, positive and full of energy to perform our daily chores.

6. Helps You Stay Away From Substance Abuse

Did you know that regular exercise can act as a panacea if you are struggling with addiction to harmful substances like alcohol, smoking and tobacco. Exercise not only benefits us physically. It also improves functioning of our brain like memory, concentration and mental alertness.

When we exercise, our body releases good hormones like endorphins, dopamine and serotonin. These hormones help bring down our stress level and improve our mood. When we are under less stress and in a good mood, our mind and body’s cravings for harmful substances automatically goes down. That’s why exercise is effective home remedy in alcohol addiction.

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7. Improves Quality of Sleep

Researchers have discovered that cardio routine aids in improving your sleep quality.

It has been found that people engaging in 30 minutes of moderate exercise at any time of the day have slept for 7 to 8 hours without any interruptions daily. 

You can either do any asana of yoga or moderate-intensity exercise to find how it revitalizes your body and mind and boosts soothing sound sleep.

It will aid in organizing the metabolism of your body, and regulate your biological clock and that’s how you are going to get a good sleep.

8. Improves Brain Functions and Memory

Regular exercise will revitalize your brain nerves and prevent serious disorders like dementia, Parkinson’s disease, headache and intervertebral disc disorders.

Older adults have serious brain disorders and develop a sense of forgetfulness. 

Tai chi exercises are highly effective in managing such problems one might undergo in his or her old age and aid strength and mobility.

One can practice the bow and arrow (Gong Bu in Chinese) and Empty step (Xu bu) by moving their feet and hands. 

Right and regular practice will surely improve the blood circulation in the brain, revitalize the brain nerves and sharpen the memory.

You will be able to notice the progress within a few days.

9. Helps With Diabetes and Blood Sugar

Importance of daily physical activity has also been noted in diabetes management. Daily exercise of 30-40 minutes can help your body overcome insulin resistance which helps regulate healthy blood sugar levels. Doctors recommend regular exercise as one of the effective home remedies to control blood glucose levels.

Regular exercise can lower blood sugar levels in diabetic people. When we exercise, our muscles use extra glucose which brings down blood sugar levels. It also helps you in healthy weight management and reduces the risk of heart related conditions like stroke.

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10. Improves Immunity and Stamina

Regular exercise works as a natural immunity booster, the more physically active you are the more it helps in increasing your immunity and stamina, that is why every athlete and sports person focuses on their exercise.

Cardio routine is correlated to increase in immune cells activity. As such, regular exercise doesn’t impact our body’s overall immunity but as per studies, it has been found that during the exercise and up to 3-4 hours period after that, there is a heightened immune cell activity in the body.

When we exercise our blood circulation increases. Daily workout session of over 45 minutes everyday increases circulation of lymph in blood due to contraction of the muscles. Their increased circulation allows immune cells (WBC) to identify diseases faster, often catching them at an earlier stage than previously thought.

11. Improves Sexual Health

Regular cardio exercises can potentially unblock the tissues connecting to the genitals, boost libido, increase sperm count, increase sex stamina, extend sex time and aid with the problems of infertility in both men and women.

Obesity is also a factor in risk associated with reproductive health of both men and women. Jogging, weight lifting and running can help in healthy weight management. 

It also boosts testosterone levels which helps improve sperm production, quality and quantity as well as sperm motility. Thus it improves fertility in men.

Women who are looking to conceive naturally can potentially benefit from half an hour walk daily. Men who are going through sexual health problems should practice Kegel exercises daily which helps in erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

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12. Gives Relief from Joint and Muscle Pain

Regular exercise is one of effective home remedies for joint pain relief. Consider doing light to moderate exercise, like walking or swimming a few meters, if you are experiencing pain in your muscles and joints. 

These exercises are going to help with pain relief, stiffness reduction, and range of motion improvement.

13. Improves Heart Health

On the doctor’s recommendation, one should perform specific vigorous exercises for a minimum of 150 minutes each week. 

Any outdoor exercise that promotes better blood circulation and sweat production, such as walking, running, swimming, or skipping can be used. 

Exercises ranging from mild to high spirited will strengthen the heart’s muscles and increase the amount of oxygen-rich blood flowing into them.

14. Longer lifespan

As explained in other points above how any physical activity for at least 15 minutes to 30 minutes can generate oxygen in the blood, improve the cellular activity of any part of the body, balance hormones, and strengthen the defense mechanisms of the body. 

There will be very less chances of suffering from any disorders that may be related to arteries, sugar elevation, coronary heart disorder, and cancer. 

It has been also proven by researchers by conducting a test on 6,50,000 adults. They discovered that those who were engaged in the recommended physical activity had successfully built their strong immune system and higher life expectancy compared to those who were inactive.

Daily physical activeness, following a healthy diet chart, and drinking plenty of water under any certified instructor’s support will be essential for optimal health and injury prevention during vigorous exercise.


To summarize the benefits of regular exercise in our daily life, it is a singular most important investment you can make in yourself to reap long term benefits. As we age, we can get afflicted by a number of diseases that are related to the aging process.

By investing in regular physical activity at an early age, we can significantly lower the risk of diseases like diabetes, heart condition, high BP, blood sugar, chronic joint and muscle pain. Regular physical activities keeps us happy, makes our life stress free so that we can live a life full of vigor, enjoy our work and personal lives, take pleasure in an intimate and passionate couple life and keep growing up instead of growing old too soon.