Diabetes is a lifestyle disease that can lead to discomfort and long-lasting issues. It becomes essential to control your diabetes to prevent any further health problems. So, how can you manage your diabetes the best? A question many would have. The finest answer to this question would be to opt for the best ayurvedic products for Diabetes Patients. 

Ayurveda has been our ancient way of treatment. It has been perhaps 3000 years since Ayurveda came into existence. Integrating old practices into your daily routine can help you manage diabetes naturally and effectively. Ayurveda involves the study of problems in-depth and providing solutions for the same. Therefore, figuring out the best ayurvedic medicine for diabetes patients can help you get away from chances of kidney problems, a heart stroke, unclear vision, digestion problems and so much more. 

Here is the list of the top 7 outstanding and highly effective ayurvedic products for diabetes patients-

Product Image Product Name Product Review Product Price
backpac Ayush 82 Aadved 5 star Check Price
cordlessblower Ayush 82 SGR CNTRL 5 star Check Price
backpac Dr Madhu Amrit 5 star Check Price
cordlessblower Ayur Dia 45 4.5 star Check Price
cordlessblower Diabaquit 4.5 star Check Price
cordlessblower Madhu Nivarani 4.5 star Check Price
cordlessblower Arokkiyam 4 star Check Price

1. Ayush 82 Aadved

If you are looking for the Best Product for Sugar Control, then this would do the justice. Ayush 82 Aadved is developed by CCRAS, Ministry of Ayush, and is toxicologically human-tested to provide you with the best diabetes treatment with no side effects. This Ayurvedic hypoglycemic formulation supports the production of insulin in the body and regulates blood sugar levels. It also promotes healthy digestion and overall metabolic balance. It constitutes herbs Amra Beeja, Jambu seeds, Gudmara Patra, and more that have properties of controlling excess sugar levels and managing glycosuria. 

Ayush 82 Aadved Product Details

Product FormTablets
IngredientsAmra Beeja,Karvella Beeja,Gudmara Beeja,Jambu Beeja
DosageTake 2 tablets before each meal, everyday with water (6 tablets daily)
Quantity1 Pack (540 Tablets)

2. Ayush 82 SGR CNTRL Tablets

One of the Best Ayurvedic Products For Diabetes Patients also includes Ayush 82 SGR CNTRL Tablets. This ayurvedic concoction is developed and clinically tested under the Ministry of Ayush, Govt. of India, and CCRAS. It is a combination of amra beej, Gurmar leaves, Jambu beej, and Karela that reflects properties of controlling high sugar levels, reducing insulin resistance, restoring beta cells, and relieving symptoms of diabetes.

Ayush 82 SGR CNTRL Product Details

Dosage2 tablets, three times a day. (6 tabs per day)
TimingTake 30 Minutes Before Meals.
Duration3 Months Course of the Dosage Without any Gaps
Developed ByCentral Council for Research in Ayurvedic Sciences (C.C.R.A.S) and National Research Development Corporation (N.R.D.C).

3. Dr Madhu Amrit

Dr Madhu Amrit is a herbal formulation that includes herbs such as Giloy, Aloe Vera, Vijaysar, Arjun, Gurmar, and more. It is an effective medicine considered among the Best Diabetes Care Products. This medicine helps regulate glucose levels, improve insulin production, and reduce cholesterol. Furthermore, this medicine addresses type 1 and type 2 diabetes

Dr Madhu Amrit Product Details

Product FormPowder and Capsules
Quantity3  Bottles in a Package Containing 2 Bottles Green Powder and 1 Capsule
DosageTwice a day or as suggested by physician
Prescription Requirement*No prescription required

4. Ayur Dia 45

A combination of herbal substances yields Ayur Dia 45. It is intended to lower insulin resistance and regulate blood sugar levels. For diabetic patients, this combo of ayurvedic juice and powder is a useful treatment that reduces thirst and frequent urination. Additionally, this treatment helps reduce excess body fat, increase immunity, and stimulate the production of hormones in the gut. It aids in the treatment of diabetes type 1 and type 2. It also relieves problems like exhaustion, persistent appetite, and so forth.  

Ayur Dia 45 Product Details

Product FormJuice & Powder
Quantity45 Powder and 500ml Juice
DosageTake Juice and powder 2 times per day
Side EffectsNo
Approved ByMinistry of Ayush, Government of India

5. Diabaquit

Diabaquit is a natural ayurvedic medicine that helps control diabetes naturally. This medicine is effective for both diabetics and pre-diabetics. Diabaquit, works on enhancing insulin production, controlling high blood sugar levels, and improving metabolic processes. Containing a blend of Vijaysaar, Gudmar, Mamejava and Amalaki, this formula enhances weight management, supports digestion and keeps you energized.

Diabaquit Product Details

Product FormTablets
Approved ByMinistry of Ayush, Government of India
Side EffectsNo

6. Madhu Nivarani

Madhu Nivarani, approved by the Ministry of Ayush, significantly focuses on improving your health and regulating blood sugar levels. The medicine is a blend of herbs and spices that contain healing properties. These include managing blood sugar levels, battling fatigue, improving insulin production, and reducing cholesterol. This formula also helps pre-diabetic and diabetic patients in controlling sugar levels.

Madhu Nivarani Product Details

Product NameMadhu Nivarani
Side EffectNo
Approved byMinistry of Ayush, Government of India

7. Arokkiyam

This Ayurvedic solution is certified by the Ayush department and aims to manage your diabetes efficiently. It also prevents sudden spikes in your sugar levels. If you are a pre-diabetic then, this is one of the best Products for Sugar Control as it helps control symptoms of diabetes. Its effects also include combating obesity and reducing glucose production which further results in good diabetes management. 

This Ayurvedic remedy, approved by the Ayush department, is designed to effectively manage your diabetes and avoid unexpected rises in blood sugar. This is one of the greatest products for sugar control if you are pre-diabetic because it helps manage diabetes symptoms.

Arokkiyam Product Details

Product NameArokkiyam
Approved ByMinistry of Ayush, Government of India
Side EffectNo


In conclusion, the herbal medications listed above are all considered to be the best treatments for diabetes. To guarantee security and long-term effects, these are medically evaluated. If you are looking for the best medicine for diabetics, it is wise to choose from the options given above. They greatly aid in blood sugar regulation and have no known negative effects.

People Also Asked (FAQs)

1. Are these Products Best for Diabetic Patients?

Yes, these products are considered to be the best Ayurvedic products for Diabetes patients. All these products are GMP and ISO certified which ensures that it is of the highest quality. As these are herbal products, they deliver no side effects and provide benefits in the long term. 

2. Which is the Most Effective Medicine for Diabetes?

These ayurvedic medicines are the most effective in treating pre-diabetics, type 1 diabetics, and type 2 diabetics. They contain powerful herbs and are constructive in restoring beta cells and controlling glucose levels. It makes sure to provide you with the best results if you’re consistent with it.

3. Can these Products Lower Blood Sugar?

Yes, these products can lower blood sugar and can also support insulin production. These medicines work efficiently on controlling your diabetes and maintaining a healthy body.

4. Are these Products Made Using Natural Ingredients?

Yes. These products are 100% natural with no artificial additives. These are made of powerful herbs that have properties to treat diabetes. These are regarded as the best Diabetes care products as they are fruitful in managing all types of diabetes. 

5. Do These Products Have Any Side Effects?

No. These products are herbal so they do not have any known side effects. These are clinically tested to provide you with the best results if taken consistently.