Wrong food combinations often happen to make the person suffer from different health disasters. One needs to be careful while consuming strong aphrodisiac herbs from the Himalayas like Shilajit. Shilajit as a whole increases the stamina of men in bed.  It is high in minerals and offers probable health advantages. Due to its dense texture and strong taste, the mineral-rich composition of Shilajit may also contribute to its perceived heaviness. Some individuals find it challenging to ingest because of its potent earthy flavor and unique consistency.

In this blog, we will discuss 10 types of foods that you should avoid if you want to get the maximum benefit of Shilajit.

1. Processed foods

Processed foods like tinned vegetables or meat, sausage rolls, pies and pastries are high in additives and different preservatives. Such ingredients can nullify the superior form of minerals found in shilajit when combined and consumed. Such a combination can extend further in worsening digestive mechanisms by causing gastrointestinal disorders. On the contrary, mixing with whole grains and natural foods would rather produce the effectiveness of shilajit and not cause any adverse effects.

2. Refined Sugars

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A combination of refined sugars and shilajit would not be suitable for a man who intends to boost testosterone naturally. It is already known how excess intake of sugars damages the metabolism of the body by increasing high levels of glucose and triggering diabetic conditions. Further mixing with Shilajit may inflame the whole body and gain weight. This combination will disappoint you by lowering the rejuvenating effects of Shilajit on the grounds of energy levels, metabolism and thorough wellness. And therefore the expectation of improving the performance would remain unfulfilled.

3. Excessive Caffeine

Drinking tea and coffee which have levels of caffeine, happen to threaten the metabolism of the body. Blending with shilajit may harm the performance of any man. Otherwise, shilajit, as a whole is taken in appropriate dosage, in a singular way or combined with lukewarm water or milk to boost libido, increasing the size and performance time. However one might not see similar results while consuming shilajit with tea or coffee. The combination will reduce efficacy and therefore not fulfill the expectations of any male.

4. Alcohol

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Elaborative factual studies have shown how the consumption of 100 milligrams of processed shilajit taken continuously for 3 months has effectively increased the sperm count and its movement. But if taken with alcohol can harm the sexual competence of any man. Alcohol can rather raise the condition of dehydration in the body and if blended with shilajit will enhance the dehydrating conditions and worsen the health conditions. It may contribute to increasing blood pressure, body weight, and heart rate and enhance liver damage. It is always recommended to quit alcohol consumption along with any aphrodisiac herb to stimulate quality of performance and sexual competence.

5. Dairy Products

One may not experience any sign of illness or health disorder while consuming 300 mg to 500 mg of shilajit with milk. Rather, it would stimulate the effectiveness of the medicinal properties of Shilajit. However, problems might surface when Shilajit is not taken in measured quantity or beyond 500 mg with milk. Mixing shilajit with any dairy product may increase the risk of harmful health conditions. The presence of calcium and other minerals in dairy will overpower the compounds existing in the Shilajit and not prevent it from being utilized properly.

6. Heavy and Fatty Foods


Consumption of shilajit separately will benefit your sexual health, increase your libido and sperm count and improve your performance levels. Combining with heavy and fatty food items would incur digestion problems and limit the absorption of nutrients. It would negate the effectiveness of sex-enhancing minerals present in Shilajit and cause imbalances in the body.  It would not let the man perform in bed easily.

7. Spicy Foods

Spicy foods are harmful to anyone’s health even if it might stimulate your tongue and taste good for you. It might discomfort you later with acidity and repeated loose motions. Further, it can be more risky when combined with an aphrodisiac herb like Shilajit. Eating black pepper, chili red or green or any type of spicy ingredient with shilajit will enhance your inflammatory conditions and pitta dosha. Such a combination would interfere with the absorption of the nutrients from Shilajit and lead to adverse effects on the body and mind of any male. You will be on the safer side if you are not combining Shilajit with spicy foods.

8. Raw Cruciferous Vegetables

Bloating, gas, and discomfort can occur when raw cruciferous vegetables such as kale, broccoli, and cabbage are consumed with Shilajit. Some people may find it difficult to digest the substances in these veggies, particularly when they combine them with additional supplements like Shilajit. This could lead to discomfort and upset stomachs.

9. High Quantity of Salt

You would not be able to enjoy the health benefits of shilajit if taken in a combined form with a high quantity of salts. Salt taken in high quantities burdens health with water retention, rise in blood pressure. It would damage the heart condition and so would affect the kidneys and enhance the condition of cardiovascular disorders. Blending with shilajit would heavily weigh upon the health by hitting directly on cardiovascular conditions and triggering further complications.

10. Artificial Sweeteners

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When sweetening food and drink without adding calories, artificial sweeteners are utilized as sugar alternatives. They may interfere with metabolism, aggravate insulin resistance, and have an impact on gut health when taken with shilajit. This combination may cause metabolic abnormalities and hurt men’s general health.

It would be appropriate for sexual health and overall wellness when you are combining shilajit with ashwagandha. Such a blend can not only revitalize the brain nerves but also stop aging and boost strong immune system.


An aphrodisiac herb like shilajit is extremely effective in enhancing the sexual potency of man and lowering the chances of impotence. It is necessary to be aware of the combination of certain food substances with shilajit which might diminish the efficacy on the male patient who is not able to improve the performance and increase the sex time. Blended with processed foods, refined sugars, excessive caffeine, alcohol and dairy products, one can experience unbearable complications.