Continuing a life with an ailing liver can be difficult for anyone. Most of us are not careful about taking care of the liver which is the second most fundamental organ in our body next to the heart.

How to Keep Your Liver Healthy

Alcoholism and relying on tobacco and addictive items lead to fatal conditions of the liver. We often get inclined towards eating burgers, pizzas and different processed foods which worsen our liver further.

Why does the Liver stop functioning properly?

Medical research has confirmed that many of us develop liver problems through genes and the rest may suffer due to bad food habits, and excess consumption of drugs and alcohol.

The common reasons noticed concerning the liver failure are:

  1. Certain viral infections sever liver health and its functions. It may be hepatitis A, B or C.
  2. Dependence on alcohol and other addictive substances damages the liver cells and disallows functioning normally.
  3. Relying too high on fatty foods prepared in unhygienic oils and unwashed utensils can raise non-alcoholic fatty liver conditions. Many of us are drawn towards such unhealthy food items which are available as street foods.
  4. Disorder in the biliary tract may disrupt the flow of bile.
  5. Liver cirrhosis is characterized by scars in the liver. Liver cancer is the next stage of cirrhosis and that ultimately leads to liver failure and death.
  6. An autoimmune disorder in the form of hepatitis where the immunity system starts attacking the liver cells.

Symptoms of liver disorder 

Signs or symptoms of liver disorder will help the patient to take immediate treatment or medication

  1. Eyes and skin turning pale yellow
  2. Pain in the abdomen
  3. Color of the urine turns darker
  4. Piercing pain in the joints
  5. Stress 
  6. Vomiting sensation and weakness

You might require vaccinations, medications or any advanced treatment as per the doctor’s recommendations. In order to continue to maintain a healthy liver post-treatment and medications, one should also avoid taking oily, spicy and ultra-processed food items. He or she 

Important ways to make the liver healthy

There is a need to focus on certain restrictions for maintaining a long-lasting healthy liver

Avoid alcoholism

Alcohol usually damages the liver, Be careful regarding the daily consumption of alcohol as frequent consumption of alcohol over period of several years can lead to liver damage. However alcohol-induced liver damage could be reversed if you quit alcohol in time. If you are not able to leave alcohol so easily then you can still try taking in measured amounts. The liver turns sensitive and gets hurt under the pressure of high amounts of alcohol consumption. Drinking problems will increase the bad bacteria in numbers which will further harm the liver. 

Staying away from using addictive drugs

The majority of young people are diverted towards consuming addictive substances. Consequently, many suffer miserably from liver infection or damage. Addiction to such substances does not go away easily. In such cases, you can use Addiction Killer, a product made from Amla, Tulsi and Vidarikand to control your craving, remove toxins and balance the liver metabolism without causing any side effects.

Use vaccinations if recommended 

To stay from being affected with hepatitis A and B virus, it is always safe to be vaccinated. Otherwise, the virus might again strike with either hepatitis A or B. But there is no vaccination against hepatitis C.

Medications and Herbs

There are a range of natural and ayurvedic herbs that can help you to achieve a healthy liver. Using herbs like Milk thistle and ginseng may promote liver health, while turmeric and garlic show potential benefits in reducing fat and liver enzymes. Green tea extract helps reduce markers of liver damage. The anti-inflammatory properties of ginger root provide potential liver support, but high doses require caution. You can incorporate these herbs in your daily life, but under physician as their efficacy for liver disease remains uncertain.

Cleansing hands and also the raw grains, fruits and vegetables

In most of the hepatitis A cases, it has been seen that patients do not maintain appropriate cleanliness in their hands and whole of the body. In unclean conditions, they start cooking and consuming and get infected by the hepatitis A virus.  Cleansing hands properly with soap and water will prevent them from coming in contact with germs and microscopic organisms which may cause damage to liver cells. Washing any type of produce or edible matter is necessary to stay away from coming in touch with harmful pesticides.

Avoid studying or reading anything for a long time while in bed  

It will hurt the liver and not let it function properly and contributing to an increase in unhealthy weight. Always use a study table during any academic studies. 

Exercise and yoga

You can attempt to improve and build your liver health and prevent weight loss by engaging in regular exercise such as aerobics or running, swimming and cycling. You can also do asanas of yoga which are Padmasana, bhujangasana and Dhanurasana to revitalize your liver health and regulate its multiple functions.

Eating food on time followed by adequate rest

Further, You must follow a healthy lifestyle not for only your liver health but for your overall health. In that you must eat food on time and should take a healthy sleep for nearly 8 hours to help gain a healthy liver. Along with this manage stress level is crucial for your overall health.

Stay away from using used needles

It is required to stay away from using any contaminated needle for injection. Discuss with the doctor before using the injection for penetration in your skin. Using the injection needle of someone else or in an inappropriate manner will raise the chances of further infection. During piercing or tattooing, always make the habit of using the new or clean one.

Do Not use personal hygiene items

Never share your hygiene objects like razors, toothbrushes and nail clippers with any other person whom you may or may not know. Blood strains may carry infection and make your blood contaminated and vulnerable to any kind of hepatitis virus.

Practicing precautions during physical intimacy with your partner

Chances of hepatitis occur when you are not using any protective measures during the intercourse session. You may experience the worst if you are engaged with multiple partners.


Liver failure is a common issue caused by genetics, bad food habits, and excessive alcohol consumption. Common causes include viral infections, fatty foods, biliary tract disorders, liver cirrhosis, liver cancer, and autoimmune disorders. Maintaining a healthy liver involves avoiding alcoholism, using probiotics, and vaccinations. Be cautious about medications and herbs, clean hands, and engage in physical activities. Eating on time, resting, and avoiding contaminated needles and sharing personal hygiene items can help prevent liver failure and protect against potential infections.