Exercising is a secret weapon to spark a younger look than your actual age. During exercise, your body releases the hormone endorphins that help to Manage stress and improve your mental well-being. Through regular exercise, you can make your skin healthy and glowing while keeping yourself away from illness. You might have seen people who stay younger by looks and feel; regular physical activity is the magic that works for them.

How Exercise Keeps You Young

You can’t expect to look young even after 10 years without an exercise routine. However, it’s essential to know how exercise keeps you young. We will dive deeper into this to make you well-informed on how exercise helps you look younger. Let’s unravel.

8 Exercise Helps You Look Younger

1. Exercise Keeps Your Skin Young and Glowy

The skin is the body’s biggest organ and the main physical barrier against infection and disease. Aging is connected with the decay of the dermal layers of the skin, which results in the reduction of collagen synthesis. Collagen is a natural protein in your body that supports the skin’s structure and keeps it tight, supple, and elastic. With age, collagen production drops, and your skin loses elasticity.

Beyond the genetics or skincare routine, you can keep your skin young and glowy by staying physically active. Exercise fuels the fibroblast cells in your skin that produce collagen. The research proves that resistance training restores aging skin while reducing circulatory inflammation. The sweat released during exercise takes away the skin dirt and impurities. Exercise boosts collagen production, as another study showed that adults over the age of 40 who regularly exercise have the same skin elasticity as people in their 20s and 30s. Additionally, regular exercise improves the skin’s moisturizing function, which mainly declines with age.

2. Exercise Improves Your Posture

As we age, posture problems light up—muscle loss and bone density changes impact good posture. With exercise, you can strengthen your muscles and bones to support your spine, which will hold you taller for an extended period—you will feel young. Good posture creates a taller and smarter look. Moreover, working out makes you emotionally stable, which helps you to have good posture.

3. Exercise Improves Flexibility

Exercise strengthens muscles and improves body flexibility. As we age, our joint movements become stiffer and less flexible. Regular workouts can support flexibility, reduce joint rigidity—prevent neck, back, and knee pain.

As you grow older, joint movement becomes achy and less flexible because your joints’ lubricating fluid lowers, and the cartilage turns thinner. Ligaments are also inclined to shorten and lose flexibility, making joints feel stiff. In this regard, stretching-oriented activities like yoga and Pilates can help you reduce and loosen muscles while increasing flexibility.
However, you can improve your flexibility by doing cardio exercises as well; all you have to do is warm up and stretch before and after every time. 

4. Exercise Slow Down Your Aging Cells

You can slow down your aging process from regular physical activity. As we age at the cellular level, the telomere at the point of each chromosome significantly impacts aging. We age while our telomere becomes shorter with time. As the longer telomeres are linked with longer life.

Meanwhile, the study found that exercise plays a role in making your telomere age slowly. You will feel younger and live a long lifespan with lengthy telomeres. Exercise also protects an individual from chronic diseases that affect them with age. Moreover, another research  shows that exercise reduces the biological age by about 20 years, increases the lifespan, and minimizes disability.

5. Exercise Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Body workout releases the happy hormones serotonin, dopamine, and endorphin in our brain, and you feel calm and peaceful. Long periods of stress and anxiety impact your physical and emotional well-being and make you age faster than average.

But with regular workouts, you can reduce your stress and slow down your aging process, leading to a younger and healthier feel. Additionally, yoga and breathing exercises help you release all negative vibes and inhale positivity.

6. Exercise Keeps Your Metabolism High

With age, our body’s metabolism slows down and burns fewer calories. Here, exercise saves you from its impact. Regular exercise burns your calories faster and helps you maintain weight while building muscle mass. Resistance exercise works great to burn calories and develop muscle mass. In a nutshell, the more muscular you are, the more calories you can burn. In this way, you can keep your metabolites fast to stay young.

7. Exercise Enhances Your Memory

You might have seen your elders who forget things by age. But you can avoid this situation by exercising regularly. The hippocampus is a complex brain structure associated with learning and memory ability. At older age, the hippocampus shrinks, causing poor memory.

However, with exercise training, you can increase the hippocampus size and improve memory in older adults. Regardless of age, exercise can help your brain function better than the individual with no physical activity.

8. Exercise Gives You More Energy

Regular physical activity makes you feel energetic and lively as it works as an energy drink. You can actually feel a superhero in you who can do daily routine activities with less effort. Individuals who perform regular exercise tend to feel stronger, healthier, and more energetic than inactive people. At first, beginners find exercise painful and strenuous, but with dedication and consistency, you will love doing it and can shave off your sick older slow years.


In a nutshell, exercise is a key to look young and slows down the aging process. Whether you run, do strength training, perform yoga, or swim, all kinds of exercise boost your metabolism and energy—and reduce stress. Even if you play physical games with your buddy, or dance like nobody’s watching, remember these activities can help you look younger. Exercise improves your posture, slows down aging cells, and stimulates collagen production. While exercising, you sweat a lot, therefore keep your body hydrated to refresh and recover any fluid levels you’ve lost. If you want to stay fit, healthy, and glowy over time, then maintain your workout routine and experience the power of exercise with a youthful look.