Addiction has serious consequences on the body and mind of any person. It does not help the person to live a healthy lifestyle. It not only makes the person restless but causes serious damage to the liver, kidney, heart and neurological system.

Best Yoga Postures for Releasing From the Phase of Addiction

Taking the path of practicing yoga can let you counter the growing disorder in your system and help you gain senses and long-lasting life.

There are well-known poses of yoga for breaking addictions. Information on 10 yoga postures is shared below:

1. Corpse Pose

Corpse Pose

Your body, brain, and nerves will all be stimulated by lying down in a dead man’s position. It will clear your respiratory system, ease tense muscles and connective tissues, enhance blood flow, and invigorate your body. Insomnia is a problem for most addicts. This yoga will resolve the issue of inadequate sleep by calming the nervous system and brain.

Steps of Performing This Yoga

  1. Lie down on your mat straight which is spread on the floor.
  2. Keep your legs and hands straight.
  3. Close your eyes and meditate. If required take the help of trance music.
  4. Inhale and exhale for 5 to 10 minutes.

Continuing in this posture will let you gain control over your cravings, s help find peace of mind and improve your concentration and revitalize your strength.

2. Butterfly Pose

You will feel less inclined to use drugs or alcohol if you maintain this pose. It will fix the brain’s neurons that cause you to consume alcohol or other drugs. Enacting this posture will improve your psychological condition which may have filled up with negative thoughts and toxins in your body.

Method of Performing This Yoga

  1. Allow yourself to be seated on the floor.
  2. Maintain your body straight and fixed.
  3. Make your feet come in contact with one another.
  4. Make contact with each other with your feet.
  5. Keep the soles of your feet together while bending your knees.
  6. Expand your shoulders and chest while erecting your back.
  7. You can bend the upper part of the body to touch the floor with your forehead.

3. Spinal Breathing Pranayama

Spinal Breathing Pranayama

This specific yoga helps in raising flexibility and balancing the body, mind and spirit. It will ease the breathing and improve the digestive system. Many suffer from joint pain and different related disorders as a result of addiction. This yoga pose for Joint pain relief, will enhance the energy in the body and reduces stress which helps in elevate the addiction recovery.

Methods of Doing Spinal Breathing Pranayama

  1. Fold your legs 
  2. Maintain your spine straight.
  3. Close your eyes.
  4. Make contact with each other with your feet.
  5. Keep the soles of your feet together while bending your knees.
  6. Expand your shoulders and chest while erecting your back.

You’ll have a strong immune system and be able to get over your issues with aches and pains in your joints and other body parts.

4. Downward Facing Dog

Downward Facing Dog

Your immune system is strengthened and your muscles are increased. It gives you the capacity and self-assurance to manage your drug or alcohol triggers.

Steps of Performing Fish Pose

  1. Allow yourself in a standing pose.
  2. Come forward to bend your body to touch the mat with your hands.
  3. Keep one of your feet behind and touch the ground with your hands.
  4. Come forward with another foot in a straight line with the previous foot and raise your feet.

5. Fish Pose

Fish Pose

This posture will act in the process of activating your dormant brain nerves and healing the digestive system. It alters the stress and stimulates blood circulation in the body. It detoxifies the body and controls the desire to drink alcohol or any type of drug.

Steps of Performing Fish Pose

  1. Lay your body with the back on the floor.
  2. Fold your legs in the padmasana posture.
  3. Bend your face more backward.
  4. Allow yourself to relax.
  5. Comfort yourself by lying down straight.

6. Low lunge

Low lunge

It is the way of bending your back which even anyone can do in the learner’s stage. If you are suffering from the problem of addiction then you can do this yoga as many times a day to get rid of addiction triggers.

Steps of Performing This Yoga

  1. Bend down and lower your buttocks without touching the floor.
  2. Keep one of your knees backward.
  3. Move your other knee forward.
  4. Raise your hands and keep palms close to one another in folded condition.

7. Legs Up the Wall Pose

Legs Up the Wall Pose

You can try this posture with the help of any instructor to control the desire of alcoholism and consumption of drugs. You will have to lie down close to the wall and raise the legs up the wall. 

How to Do This Posture?

  1. Come in close contact with the wall.
  2. Raise your legs upwards on the wall.
  3. Extend your body as much as you want on the wall. 
  4. Try to maintain this posture for at least 5 minutes and breathe in and breathe out.

8. Mountain Pose

Mountain pose

Helps maintain control over your body, mind and spirit.  It does help you gain consciousness and have control over your cravings. This yoga can be easily done by someone who is a beginner.

Method of Performing the Yoga

  1. Stand straight by raising your legs and hands up.
  2. Clasp your hands together.
  3. Practice breathing for at least 5 minutes by remaining in this position.
  4. Come back to the starting posture.

9. Meditation


Meditation improves breathing and removes not only the blockages in the tissues but also from the mind. It raises the level of oxygen in the body and so well enhances your consciousness and conscience.

Method of Performing Meditation

  1. Sit with your feet folded with one another.
  2. Raise your spines and close your eyes.
  3. Practice breathing in and breathing out.
  4. Maintain this posture for 5 minutes and extend it to 15 minutes.

For success in overcoming your addiction, regardless of its severity, you can choose from a variety of meditation techniques by speaking with an instructor. Initial, medium, and extreme levels are possible.

10. Safe Twist

 Sage Twist

It is about rotating your spine left and right safely to avoid injury. It helps in improving the muscles and digestion. Conducting this yoga posture safely and carefully will contribute to the detoxification process. It will let you set free from the constant craving habit. Regular practice of yoga will recharge your senses and willpower to discard any form of substance.

Steps of Performing Safe Twist Yoga

  1. Firstly do some light exercises like turning your face right and left and moving your spines gently.
  2. Focus on the layout of your spine.
  3. Initiate the turns of your upper part of the body or spinal area right and left slowly with precaution so that you do not develop any pain in the spinal cord. It will contribute in making your body flexible.
  4. Before taking the step of twisting your body, inhale in such a way that your navel is pushed back towards the spine.

When practicing yoga to overcome addiction, adjust your actions based on how your body and mind feel comfortable. All in all, doing this kind of yoga regularly will help your digestive and respiratory systems get clean. These yoga poses benefit both your body and mind. Further, yoga asanas will reduce your interest in any form of addiction and improve your appetite. The challenging yoga poses can be easily handled when you’re guided by an instructor. 


Addiction is a chronic, fatal illness that requires holistic treatment, including herbal medicine and yoga therapy. Ayurvedic physicians recommend Vidarikand, yoga postures, and meditation to release repetitive behaviors, rejuvenate the brain, and improve digestion. Practicing all these yoga poses will undoubtedly make you think, act and live more positively.